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Get Quality Sleep Natural Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better

Get Quality Sleep Natural Foods That Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep, Foods that improve Sleep and all about it will be the topic of this health info article.  As perfect sleep is so important for the human body, therefore, if you're not sleeping well every night let us describe you sleep deprivation can cause major health issues.

New scientific evidence has found a link between poor quality sleep and diseases including diabetes heart disease, obesity, and even depression.

One of the most important factors most of us never consider is, how foods can have an effect on our sleep in many more ways than we can imagine.

What we eat has a direct impact on our quality of sleep a steak, for example, will probably keep us awake for hours, and lettuce on the other hand may help us relax and enjoy the pleasure of falling asleep in no time.

So in this health info article, we shall try to explain five of the natural foods that can help you sleep you should be consuming them before bedtime in order to relax and enjoy some best quality sleep every night naturally and effectively.

Have you ever used food to relax?  Believe it or not, foods are some of the most effective tools we can use at home to modulate our emotions and sleep every single night.

For example, black pepper is known for its aphrodisiac characteristics, dark chocolate improves mood and helps regulate monthly hormone changes in women, and bananas, especially banana peels contain Tryptophan a substance that improves relaxation and calmness and favors a good night's sleep.

Now a good question would be, what are some of the best foods we can eat every single night before going to bed, and what foods favor our rest and regeneration in our entire body?

So in the following paragraphs, we are going to describe the best natural foods to help you sleep you should be consuming before going to bed every single night in order to relax and enjoy some quality sleep naturally and effectively.

Foods That Can Help You Sleep

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is a popular herbal tea that offers a variety of health benefits for the human body.  As a matter of fact, Chamomile Tea is well known for its apigenin content.


This essential antioxidant fixes firm receptors in human brains that stimulate sleepiness and decrease insomnia.

In one research study with some adults, researchers found that those who consumed approximately 270 milligrams of chamomile extract twice a day for twenty-eight days fell asleep fifteen minutes faster than those people who did not take this supplement as a supplement.

Form another study found that women who drank Chamomile Tea for two weeks reported to be improved sleep quality compared to non-tree drinkers.

The best part of this is that the people who used to drink chamomile tea frequently also had lesser signs of depression which are generally related to sleep difficulties in those among a group of people who undergo insomnia.

Regular taking Chamomile Tea prior to going to bed for sleep is really worth trying, especially in a situation if you are willing to develop that quality of your nap every night, this is much more effective and also very cost-efficient.

Food For Good Sleep

Lettuce Salads


Lettuce Salads & Tea might not be a traditional bedtime snack, but let us describe to you that, it's surprisingly effective for anyone who's trying to sleep better every night.

Now one thing that might be surprising to the general people is, and it is true also because lettuce particularly romaine lettuce comprises a phytonutrient called lactucarium that is said to induce sleep cure pain, and encourages relaxation.

And the truth is that any food that has a lighter consistency to it, especially salads, helps out a lot when it comes to sleep.

What's even more effective than lettuce by itself is lettuce tea and preparing it as a tea extract contains magnesium and higher amounts of lactucarium two compounds that induce sleep a lot faster.

So if munching on salad before bedtime is not appealing to you, then you can always try brewing some lettuce tea before bedtime.

It's incredibly effective especially on some individuals depending on their stress or stressful situations during the day, as it is very effective and very easy to make.

Foods That Can Help You Sleep


Turkey-healtnfitnessadvise-comThis might come as a surprise to you, but turkey can really help us before bedtime.  You see turkey meat has a few properties that explain why some people become tired after eating it.

It encourages sleepiness most notably because it contains the amino acid Tryptophan a precursor to serotonin and melatonin both of which induce sleep and quality rest.

At night now that's not all about Turkey's relevance to our topic, because turkey is also very delicious and nutritious to take before bedtime.

It's high in protein, for example, providing almost 8 grams of protein per ounce of serving this type of protein is important for keeping your muscles strong and regulating your appetite.

During the night turkey may also contribute to the ability to promote tiredness in the body.

There are observations found by researchers even that utilizing adequate quantities of protein prior to bedtime is linked with perfect sleep including less waking up throughout the whole night.  So again very helpful on this aspect of the Turkey meat.

Food For Good Sleep

White Rice

White rice is usually considered to be a grain, which is largely utilized as a staple diet in various countries.

The major difference between white and brown rice is that white rice has had that bran or germ removed from this grain.

This obviously makes it lower in fiber nutrients and antioxidants.  Now although it may be less nutritious than brown rice.  White rice has been seen to improve sleep quality in every single individual who takes it before going to bed.

For example, it's been suggested that eating foods with a high glycemic index such as white rice at least one hour before going to bed may help improve sleep quality due to the glucose content in it.

A research study matched sleep behaviors in around two thousand participating people based on their eating ratios of rice and learned that a higher rice utilization as the meal was connected with quality sleep forms including a longer sleep duration.

This apparently has to do with that blood glucose concentration.  After eating it every night, our brains work better a lot better when they have enough sugar to fuel during sleep or during sleep at night.

And this might explain why people who go to bed at night without having something to eat have a harder time resting or waking up full of energy the next morning.

Foods That Can Help You Sleep

Passion Flower Tea

Passion_Flower-healthnfitnessadvise-comPassionflower is a herb, that's known all over the world for its health benefits.  Most importantly because it promotes calmness and quality sleep in individuals and curiously enough.

This herb especially in the form of tea is a rich source of flavonoid antioxidants.  These antioxidants are known for their role in reducing inflammation, boosting immune health, and reducing the risk of a heart attack or heart disease.

It's also been studied for its potential to reduce anxiety.  The antioxidant Apigenin which is also the same one found in other home remedies is the one responsible for Passion Flowers's anti-anxiety or anxiety-reducing effects.

This substance produces a calming effect by binding to certain receptors in our brains and obviously relaxes our nervous systems.

And there's also evidence as passionflower increases the production of a chemical known as gamma-aminobutyric acids short for GABA.

This neurotransmitter has a calming effect and promotes also sleepiness, so very effective all around.

And the truth is that there's a lot more research needed to be done to discover other mechanisms that make Passionflower work so easily and so effectively in the human body.

Thanks for reading this health info article on the topic “Foods That Can Help You Sleep”.  If you have found it informative then kindly share it with your loved ones.


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