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How to Maximize Cardiovascular Strength With Antioxidant Flavonols Of Cocoa

How to Maximize Cardiovascular Strength With Antioxidant Flavonols Of Cocoa


The cardiovascular system is fundamental to how the body functions regulating heart health, brain health, and physical performance.

Every minute the heart pumps approximately five liters of blood around the vast network of arteries, capillaries, and veins supplying ourselves with oxygen.

Maintaining this complex system is key to our overall health and well-being.  It is very necessary to keep maintain an overall healthier cardiovascular system.

The entire human body certainly depends on quite normally healthy blood circulation.

Like any tissue, the cardiovascular system goes through an aging process.  One of the hallmarks of this process is that blood vessels become less elastic.  Elasticity is critical to the healthy function of blood vessels and therefore healthy blood flow.

Decreased elasticity and increased stiffness in our arterial system compromise blood flow, and this can impact the entire body.

Choices we make about smoking or not smoking where we live all of these things and more many more affect the aging of our cardiovascular system.

The most important is probably regular exercise, another very important aspect is nutrition.

Diet has a big impact.  The dietary choices we make in terms of the types of foods, the types of fats we consume, the types of nutrition that we take in, can actually influence our blood pressure, and it can influence the aging of our endothelial cell lining in these blood vessels.

A significant body of research points to the potential of new Dietary Approaches to cardiovascular health.

Research shows that the consumption of flavonols, a naturally occurring plant-derived nutrient can support the function of our blood vessels.

Helping to maintain a healthy heart and enhance cardiovascular performance.

Flavonols are found in a variety of different foods including tea, grapes, wine, blueberries, and many more.

But of all of these cocoa and certain types of cocoa is the richest source of flavonols that we know that are most biologically active.

We do know that there are certain types of flavonols in cocoa that actually can influence the function of our circulatory system.

Vascular function and specifically endothelial function is positively affected by flavonoids.

And cardiovascular specialists are giving more concentration to know how flavonoids participate to cardiovascular human health.

During the year 2013, there was a project named the “Flavio'la” with a Pan-European collaboration that is dedicated to the state of the art research into flavonols was conducted.

This work or project was funded by the European Commission that brought together several researchers from academia industry and from the government to explore the health benefits of flavonols for the human body.

Flavio'la builds on Mars is twenty years history of research and exploration into cocoa flavanols, working together with top leading scientists from all across sectors to drive a variety of multidisciplinary research exploration programs.

They started these researches a very long time ago, it is just wonderful because once they got involved in this activity, they wanted to do it rightly.

We think what's most important about it is, that it's inclusive, it's not just concentrating in one area, and it's not just concentrating on one part of the process, they're doing the very strongest science.

Recent research has narrowed the focus to one particular cocoa flavonol molecule – epicatechin.

When we consume - epicatechin from a food source like cocoa, most of it is actually transformed into what we call metabolites.

The metabolites of - epicatechin can maintain healthy blood pressure.  We've observed that they can maintain healthy blood flow and a range of other activities, but it's these metabolites of - epicatechin that are really the actors on the stage which is our body.

One among some mechanisms that's received much traction is that what really flavonols do is, they raise nitric oxide which is considered to be a vasodilator and that supports maintaining healthier blood circulation, healthy endothelium the lining of your blood vessels.

Nitric oxide is produced by endothelial cells, which are these cells that are the inner layer of the blood vessel.

And nitric oxide, the time when this is formed by these cells, this is alike the signaling instructor, it instructs the blood vessel wall whether to contract to be elastic or expand.

But conventional food processing used to create cocoa and chocolate products often destroy the flavonols present in fresh cocoa.

In order to protect the natural flavonols in cocoa and retain their cardiovascular benefits, a patented processing technique was developed.

That carefully handles cocoa from the bean to the finished product to retain the highest possible levels of cocoa flavanols.

This pro process of cocoa binds the advantages of cocoa flavanols empowering the progress of new and novel products that support maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

Thanks to Mars's involvement in the flavonol research field.  The triumph of the flavonols program has been shown to be dependent upon expertise from a vast variety of the collaborators.

What this research is teaching us is, that certain types of flavonols found in cocoa can in fact have a significant influence on the health of the cardiovascular system.

And as we discovered layer by layer the potential benefits of flavonols, we realized we had an opportunity explicitly to improve health.

This program ties together the areas of agricultural research areas of biomedical research epidemiology chemistry and more.

The critical concept is that all of these areas need to work together and across sectors, universities, companies, government research institutes in order to do something important we all have to work together and the flavonols program has demonstrated that.

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