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Bone Joint Health, Bone and Joint Inflammation, Pain in Bones at Night

Bone Joint Health, Bone and Joint Inflammation, Pain in Bones at Night


Living a life with joint and bone pain all the time is a terrible and too annoying thing for people.  This is something that has become very popular in the past couple of years and many people do not know how to solve this problem naturally.

So in this health info article, we are going to reveal some of the best ways that you can prevent and treat bone and joint pain naturally and effectively.

Our bones and joints are probably the most overlooked organs in our body. We don't really think of them as important until we start feeling that they start to hurt.

This can backfire and once it starts, not many people know how to solve the problem.  Believe it or not, its cure is easy, especially if you know what simple things and simple tasks you can do at home, that will reverse this health condition.

It is strongly being advised to treat this condition when it starts because once time has gone by it's a lot harder to fix bones and joints that have suffered deformations and structural damage.

So in this health info article, we shall discuss some of the best ways to prevent and treat bone and joint pain naturally and effectively.

Number One: Eat More Vegetables and Less Red Meat

Vegetables are great for our bones especially celery and leafy greens, vegetables are some of the best sources of Vitamin C which stimulate the production of bone-forming cells.

Now on the other hand for some reason it is still unknown to science red meat is capable of producing inflammation in our joints, especially if we are suffering already from arthritis and hormonal changes.

Vegetables are the opposite of red meat, and what you need right now if your joints are hurting is, to increase vegetable consumption and reduce everything that will produce uric acid, and red meat if you want or anything like shrimps or seafood that are also high in this content.

Now don't forget that leafy green vegetables contain loads of magnesium, which is needed by the body to calcify our bones and help them stay healthy.

Calcium and magnesium work together to increase mineral, bone density, and right now what you need is to lower inflammation which by the way vegetables will also do.

Number Two: Start taking Curcumin

Curcumin is something we can all find it's one of the most effective and popular supplements used today to treat several types of pain including joint pain arthritis inflammatory conditions of all sorts and by the way, it's become very popular because this natural home remedy can be accessed by anyone all over the world.

The pain-relieving effects of curcumin can be found in turmeric which is a spice with more than a hundred active components that can be isolated from this substance.

Now the most active ingredient in turmeric in this herb in this spice is curcumin and just so you have a good idea how powerful curcumin can be for this condition.

In one research study, researchers investigated the effects of curcumin compared to rheumatoid arthritis medications and they discovered that in some cases curcumin was actually more effective than these medications alone.

So you might want to try it.  This is a spice, this is easy to find and it is something you really need.


Number Three: Make Sure Your Thyroid is Working

This is something no one talks about, but we are going to say it because it is very crucial and important.  Your thyroid is crucial for the proper function of joints and bones.

For some reason that is still unknown to science.  Having a poor thyroid function is directly correlated with joint and bone inflammation.  This small but very powerful gland in front of our neck produces thyroid hormones that control energy production, balances out the body and this includes your bones and joints.

Without thyroid hormones, it is practically impossible for your body to reduce inflammation and to actually relieve this problem in the joints and the bones.

So often it has been observed that patients who suffer from structural pain have a thyroid hormone deficiency.

One way you can treat it or one way you can help your thyroid work independently.  If you have or not the problem in the lab test is avoid consuming wheat or gluten products which block your thyroid and increase inflammation.

The other thing you need to do is make sure you take some type of herb or supplement to improve that thyroid function like for example algae, maybe kelp, ladder rack, and other vitamins and minerals you can find probably in a supplement formula.  In a formula even better at the same time you need to make sure you avoid foods that are going to block your thyroid function.

We’ve already said wheat, but there are others like for example Broccoli, maybe even Brussels Sprouts, and others Soybeans.

Number Four: Consume more Vitamin D and Vitamin K

Vitamin D and K are also very important.  It's not hard to find you can eat foods that contain these vitamins.  Vitamin D plays a very important role in bone health and one of them is helping your body absorb more calcium.

Now unfortunately Vitamin D deficiencies are very common affecting close to almost a billion people all over the world and obviously creating problems.

You really need Vitamin D, so try consuming Vitamin D rich foods include maybe beef, liver, eggs, cheese, etc., or try to go out to the sun every day that also helps gain Vitamin D.

And for Vitamin K, you can find it in vegetables because they are very helpful for bone and joint health, and also try to consume cinnamon for this purpose.

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.



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