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Nap Benefits, Get Enough Sleep for health


 Nap Benefits, Get Enough Sleep for Health

Nap importance and effects on productivity

Nap, its importance, and its effects on health and fitness will be discussed here throughout this health info article.

As we get older we lose our ability to sleep.  On average a person is sleeping two hours shorter when they're aged in comparison with the time they were youngsters, and that's incredible.

Ideally, you'd want to get 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep and the question is, "Can you make it up with naps?" the answer probably is "Yes".

Presently there are various additional factors that can affect our quality of sleep one would be age the next thing would be the amount of stress

But the one that we want to talk about is quite interesting because so many people are experiencing this right now but they're not aware of it, and it has to do with the number of hours you sit behind your computer.

magneticfield-healtnfitnessadviseWhat happens when you're sitting behind the computer, you're exposed to emf (electromagnetic fields) just like us sitting or standing next to electronic devices right now, and you can see the magnetic fields going.

magneticfield-healtnfitnessadviseLet's see if you can hear this way up here, right? So, if you're sitting or standing in front of your computers 


like this or other things like for example, the power cables the printer the battery backup they all have high levels of both electric field type energy and also electromagnetic energy as well and then you have the Wi-Fi you have the wireless mouse and wireless keyboard, and sometimes your computer is right underneath your desk.

Effects on productivity by getting a nap

It is recommended to find a video demonstration just on this one topic because we want to show you how much emf is coming off your computer right now.

But the point is that energy affects your productivity and it can drain you and make you very tired.

It can affect the electrical system of the heart, and it can affect your brain, especially, if you're using something called a cell phone and you're holding it to your skull.

We can better understand it in a related video if got found on the internet.  But the only thing we want to tell you right now is, that one of the causes why you might be tired is inadequate sleep, right?

We are going to recommend you explore some visually elaborated charts or statistics on how electronic devices put effects on the human physique.

Because it's just really easy to test and you could quickly find out what is producing the most negative energy, and rearrange your setup to the point where you can have lower amounts of emf being exposed from your computer several hours a day.

The important point is you have a lot more energy during the day.  You're going to be more alert and more focused.  

You'll be able to learn better, you'll be less grouchy, your mood will be much better, and you'll find that if you have anxiety that will be less.  Make sure you also take b1 from nutritional yeast if you have anxiety.

Okay because that's very dramatic, it'll drop your anxiety really quick, your memory will be better, you'll have more creativity, you'll have less of an appetite.

Because a lack of sleep affects your blood sugars.  You'll have much better exercise presentation and resolution if you're getting adequate sleep either at night or adding a nap or two.

There's also a research study that shows that you'll have fewer accidents, okay and you're going to be more productive, you're going to get more stuff done.

Thanks for reading this health info article, if you have found it informative then share it with your loved ones.


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