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EyeBag Cause Of Black Eye Bags, Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags Remedy

EyeBag Cause Of Black Eye Bags, Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags Remedy


Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags 

Eye bags, bags under eyes causes will be discussed in this health fitness article.  As regarding eye care, everyone has to be careful because having bags under the eyes may not simply mean that you have a cosmetic issue on your hands, it can sometimes be a sign of a more serious health condition.

For example, not many people know that bags under the eyes can mean there's a kidney problem, water retention, or even sleep apnea when you think you're actually sleeping well enough.

So in this health info article, we are going to reveal how you can eliminate the bags under your eyes and look like you always wanted to be healthy beautiful, and young.

We tend to think that beauty is something we can fix always on the outside and this might not be true for you.

Most of the time this can mean there's a medical concern although sometimes it can be linked to more serious conditions like kidney failure for example.

Bags under the eyes are usually a cosmetic concern and can many times be reversed by simply some home remedy you might be using in this case.

Natural treatments or home practices or even lifestyle changes can solve the problem but many times they can't.

So in the next few paragraphs, we shall try to reveal how you can eliminate the bags under your eyes and look the way you always wanted to be healthy beautiful, and young.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Avoid Too Much Salt

Back in the past if any one of us mentioned that diet had anything to do with health and beauty, we would have probably been demonized quite aggressively maybe called a quack.

Today we know that food is healthy and if we do not eat rightly, no disease can be properly treated and that's true.

Now believe it or not eating too much salt can possibly be causing bags on your eyes and causing the condition you are wanting to eliminate.

You see, salt contributes to the retention of water and makes us look more puffy.  Salt can cause water retention and water that tends to accumulate usually accumulates in places like our eyes.

And believe it or not, salt consumption can be so damaging that eating too much salt can lead to other health conditions like for example kidney failure which can accelerate the appearance of bags on your eyes just.

Some health authorities recommend that human bodies should consume 2300 milligrams or less of salt per day.

Now to put this under perspective this is between half or one entire tablespoon per day, that's it.

Now if you really want to know how much salt you are consuming reach your labels.  Because you might not be adding salt, but you are consuming it in the foods that you should not be eating.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Take Melatonin For A Good Night's Sleep

It is being advised to take melatonin every single night when going to bed.  As it has been observed that there are positive effects that it has on people’s skin and their bodies.

Our body should be naturally producing melatonin every single day.  And this is sometimes not happening in people who have bags in their eyes.

It keeps us young, emotionally stable, gives us a sense of well-being and helps us repair the damage in our body all over our system.

It's not even mentioning how it's spectacular for reducing bags under our eyes.

Melatonin is one of the most rejuvenating natural substances in existence.  It's fabulous if you try it.

Believe it or not, melatonin is what gives us that beauty on our skin and that's why we call it the beauty sleep that we have to have every night.

Not sleeping well will quickly increase the chance of looking older of increased bags under your eyes and other appearances that you might not want.

Apart from this, it also contributes to increased darkened areas under the eyes which is something not many people want.

So you have to be very attentive to take some melatonin if you don't have enough of it every single day.

We have an entire article on the importance of sleep for health if you want to check it out right after reading this health fitness article.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Use Tea Bags

Using tea bags is not something we only see in the movies because you can use it at home and it works.  Using caffeinated teabags, especially under the eyes can help remove those dark circles and bags on our faces.

Caffeine in particular contains powerful antioxidants and increases the blood flow in our skin.  It's also believed that it helps protect us against UV radiation, potentially slowing down the aging process and green tea, in particular, is known by researchers to have that anti-inflammatory effect.

And this is basically why it works.  Moreover, it's cheap and easy to use.  So if you use tea bags every single day try to use two tea bags for three to five minutes per time.

Obviously going and putting it into a refrigerator 20 minutes before you use it, and you can sweetheart squeeze all that liquid out and use it as a patch on top of that unwanted stuff, that's all you need, it’s so simple cheap, and effective.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags


You need collagen as we get older it's normal to see how our muscles and tissues get weaker, especially those tissues on our face certain areas may begin to sag more than others.

Obviously and the eyelids are a very perfect example.  Now this includes the fats that we have around our eyes and a very good way to prevent this from happening is done by increasing the collagen consumption you might have every day.

Collagen and elastin are the ones that are responsible for keeping your skin in place.  We would definitely increase the intake of Vitamin C also which obviously helps reduce more collagen.

Not many people know that Vitamin C can help produce collagen and hyaluronic acid at the same time combating that bags under the eyes.

Some of the foods you might want to consider also are for example including peppers in your diet, oranges, kale, broccoli, strawberries all very important.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Use Cold Compresses

To get relief from those dark circles you can simply add some compresses to them, which you can find anywhere at home.  You can apply for example a very cold spoon that you can use, you can use tea bags and you can use anything that is cold really on your eyes.

Now although you can buy and purchase some online maybe a cold compressor of any sort you can simply use whatever you have at home for this purpose and it works.

Now before applying it make sure that you wrap your compress with a soft cloth to make sure that you don't get any frostbite.  You only need to apply it for a single or a few minutes and that's all.  You are gonna have great results that's all you need.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Eye Bags

Quit Smoking

Avoid cigarette smoke, smoking depletes the body's stores of Vitamin C which is a vitamin responsible for creating collagen on your skin.

If you smoke or you're inhaling the smoke of someone else that is doing it you will see more wrinkles discoloration and even bags or dark circles on your eyes.

So quit smoking or try to ask the person that is next to you to stop smoking.  You will add more years to your life and you will see that even your teeth obviously your lungs and other diseases might start to appear.

Stay away from cigarette smoke, remember that it causes cancer, accelerates diabetes, heart disease, and a plethora of other diseases and conditions.

Thanks for reading this full of health info article on the topic “How to cure Eye Bags under your eyes”.  If you have found it informative then kindly share it with your loved ones.



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