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The Healthiest Grains for Whole Wheat: A Guide On Whole Wheat Good For You

The Healthiest Grains for Whole Wheat: A Guide On Whole Wheat Good For You


Why is everyone saying that whole grains should be a very important part of our diets?  Have you ever thought about that?

Well, let's think about it.  Whole grains have been a very essential part of the human diet for tens of thousands of years.

It’s only recently that human beings have started to strip away all their nutrients leaving us nothing but white pale flour to prepare our foods that's lacking vitamins and mineral content.

This is only one of the main reasons why we are getting so sick today, our food is deficient.

So in this health info article, we shall real some main reasons why you should be consuming whole grains and which one is the healthiest grains to eat to stay healthy naturally and effectively. 

What are grains?  Cereal grains are the world's single best source of food and energy.

They're basically grass-like plants called cereals.  Some of the most common you probably eat every single day without realizing it is corn, rice, and wheat.

They're one of those basic food needs that every single person might have on their table.  It's almost impossible to stay free of any one of these.  Now we have to be very careful because processed grains instead of helping you stay healthy are completely stripped away from their nutrients.

This in the long run creates health conditions that would never appear if you ate whole grains on a daily basis.

So now let’s reveal some main reasons why you should be consuming whole grains and which one is the best and the healthiest to stay healthy naturally and effectively.

Whole Wheat Good For You

Whole Grains are High in Nutrients and Fiber

Whole grains are very high in nutrients and fiber something that refined cereals and grains do not have.

This is one of the range reasons why doctors are now recommending that you consume whole grains something they did not do in the past.

Whole grains contain more fiber, more vitamins, and minerals, protein, antioxidants, even and plant-based compounds than refined grains.

You see when whole grains are refined the food industry strips away that germ and that brand leaving you with only that Endosperm, they obviously use everything else to sell it separately.

The problem with this is, that all the ingredients we've just mentioned go away leaving you with very small portions of what is best for you, all that fiber you need to improve digestion goes away.

This is one of the reasons why people who consume too much bread and pasta suffer from constipation.  We've even seen how consuming refined carbohydrates can also affect nerve function, sometimes making you more prone to nervousness and even anxiety.

Due to the lack of B vitamins and refined grains, whole grains contain also more zinc, more iron, magnesium, manganese you name it, they have everything.

Everything we need to make sure we stay healthy is in whole grains.

Whole Wheat Good For You

Whole Grains Reduce the Risk of Obesity

What's the number one reason why doctors will tell you to cut back on refined grains?  It's obesity and diabetes.

You see eating fiber-rich foods can help you fill up that stomach and prevent you from overeating.  As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why high-fiber diets are recommended for weight loss.

Whole grains and other products made from them are more fillings obviously, and research suggests that it may lower the risk for obesity in people who consume them.

Eating three servings of whole grains per day in fact was linked to a lower body mass index and less belly fat.

In a review of fifteen different research studies not one but fifteen, there's no doubt that everything that is natural is always better.

Humans always have that way of reducing those benefits that nature has or has already been working for us in our favor for thousands of years.

Whole Wheat Good For You

Whole Grains Improve Heart Health

One of the prominent health advantages of whole grains is that they have the ability to lower the chances of heart disease which is not less than the critical reason for deaths worldwide.

A review of ten research studies has found that three one-ounce servings of whole grains per day may lower your risk for heart disease by almost twenty-two percent.

Just by whole grains, so think about it.  Another prolonged for almost ten years research study with around eighteen thousand adults participating in it observed that those who ate the highest portions of whole grains had also forty-seven percent lower risk for heart disease.

As a matter of fact, researchers have now been concluding that heart-healthy fats and diets should be included with whole grains to have that lower even lower risk for heart disease.

Now still in general whole grains bread cereals and added bran have been specifically linked to this benefit.  So take advantage of it.

Whole Wheat Good For You

Whole Grains Helps Prevent Diabetes

Refined grains are some of the worst foods anyone can consume to prevent or treat diabetes.  This is one of the reasons why doctors and patients have now been looking for healthier options and one of them is whole grains.

And believe it or not, eating whole grains instead of refined grains with diabetes may actually lower your risk for this disease.  Recently a review of almost sixteen research studies concluded that replacing refined grains with whole grains or varieties had that lowering the risk for diabetes by up to 20 percent in part, obviously for the rich fiber it contains.

Whole grains can trap that glucose inside our system helping us control weight gain and preventing obesity which is a key factor for diabetes.

Other research studies have linked whole grains and that intake the lower fasting blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity is also very important.

Now this could also be due to the magnesium content, whole grains have more magnesium, obviously a better mineral for that metabolic rate, and that carb digestion or insulin sensitivity.

Whole Wheat Good For You

Whole Grains Reduce Your Risk for Cancer

If you notice the vast majority of foods that reduce our risk for cancer are organic foods.  Research studies don't lie when they tell us that processed grains and foods can actually accelerate the appearance of cancer.

In one review of around twenty studies, six of them showed how important it was, and how much a reduction and risk of cancer had with just eating whole grains.

Current research is now suggesting that whole grains have the strongest anti-cancer benefits with respect to colorectal cancer which is one of the most common types and again what they contain is excellent and great for digestion and health overall fiber and minerals.

This does not even mention the phenolic acid the saponins and all those low-slow substances that slow down the development of cancer, so taking advantage of whole grains is very important. 

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.


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