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How To Deal With Stress, Quick Stress Relief Guide

How To Deal With Stress, A Quick Stress Relief Guide

In this Health fitness article, we’re going to share with you a very powerful and very simple strategy, that's going to not only help you to take care of your mental health, your emotional health, and your physical health but might also be the very key to unlocking the results, that you want in every area of your life.

Now before we dive in, we do want to remind you that you deserve to have an amazing life, and no matter where you are right now, no matter how you're feeling, it is possible for you to turn things around and experience a breakthrough.

So, let's dive in we’re going to share this powerful strategy with you and it's something that we’ve very fondly nicknamed a "REDO".

Now REDO is actually an acronym and here's what it stands for.  REDO stands for “Rostered Emotional Day Off” and in a nutshell, a “Rostered Emotional Day Off” is a day where you get to unplug from the world around you in order to get a stress-free state.

You get to pause your existing lifestyle just for a particular period of a few hours, and you get the opportunity to spend some quality time specifically for yourself only, regrouping reflecting, and recharging yourself with all health aspects so that you can move forward.

Now we want to share with you exactly, how you can master a REDO and, how you can get the most out of this powerful practice.

But first, we want to share with you three main benefits of integrating a REDO into your life.

You see, your hope is that you won't just do this, once your hope is that you will learn to schedule the REDO into your life on a regular basis.

Because we truly do believe it is one of the most powerful things that you can do to take care of yourself and to set yourself up for the next phase of your journey.

So, we are always going from one level to the next, and if you stop for a moment and you look back at your own history, you'll realize you've already overcome so much.  And you've been through so many phases of your life in order to get here.

And we believe that integrating the REDO, really helps us to move from one phase to the next phase of our life.  So this is an especially powerful practice.  If you do feel that you're ready for that next level.

So, let us share with you these three main benefits of making the REDO a regular practice in your own life.

Now how do you know when it's actually time to take a REDO to schedule that “Rostered Emotional Day Off”.

I'm so busy.

Well! it's very simple! your life and your body and your mind will show you and tell you when it's time.

So if you are feeling tired right now,

if you're flat out exhausted,

if you're feeling drained,

if you're feeling overwhelmed,

if you're feeling stressed,

if you're losing a sense of that deeper meaning of your life,

if you just know that you don't have anything else to give,

if you feel that you're at the bottom of an empty cup, and are desirous for a stress-free life,

then let us promise you these are all symptoms telling you that, it's time to take some time off, it's time to schedule a REDO.

The way, we see it is, that these signs of fatigue and anxiety, and stress are like the red lights that go off on the dashboard of your car.

They're little signs to let you know, hey “We have a problem and we need to do something about it”.

Because, if we don't do something about it then, we're going to crash, we're going to break down, we're going to burn out, and our vehicle is not going to drop us at the destination where we desire to go.

So if you are experiencing any of these right now, please make it your first priority to schedule a REDO for yourself.  

So now that you have come to know, how to recognize it? let us actually teach you how to make the most of this amazing practice.

Taking a REDO is really as simple as these three steps.

The first action step is, that you need to schedule this time into your day so you remember “Rostered Emotional Day Off”.

This means that you need to find a day in your schedule preferably sooner rather than later, to take this day out for yourself.

Now we know, you might be thinking I have a million things going on and people need me and if you know you're thinking oh my god what if I stop and everything falls apart.

We promise you, that’s okay! to push back on your life and push back on the world just enough for you to take this day.

So pull out your calendar right now.  Look at the next seven days and have a look when can you take this day?  Let's schedule that “Rostered Emotional Day Off” (REDO) so that you can start to breathe again and again regroup so that you can move forward, so that's step number one is very simple.

But, we know sometimes really difficult to do is, you need to schedule this day into your diary.  Now ideally, you're going to take a whole day, so that means from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed at night.

But we also understand that maybe you do have for example children, that need to be taken care of, and you don't have any support with that.

Anyhow, try to at least take eight hours, so the equivalent of a standard workday of eight hours, and schedule it.

And we use a tactic which we call “Time Blocking” which you block it into your calendar and nothing else is allowed to interfere with it.

So, that's step number one is you need to roster it into your diary.  You need to make this appointment with the most important person in your life which is yourself.

The second action step is, that when that day arrives. 

So, when you wake up in the morning and you know this is your “Rostered Emotional Day Offthen what you need to do is.  You need to turn off your phone you need to switch off social media, turn off your emails, and block the world out.

And we know it can be incredibly difficult to unplug, and we’re telling you this is critical for your mental well-being, your physical well-being, and for your success in every area of life.

So, when that day arrives, be courageous enough to switch off that news feed, and don't post anything you don't even have to tell the world, you know by social media that you're taking the day just take the day you know really make it an important part of your life that you're going to take this time out for yourself.


The third action step to taking a REDO is that inside that day.  Now that you have that space, and you've created that time for yourself, is that you're going to spend the whole day in rest and rejuvenation.

So this means you're not going to do anything except take care of yourself.  Now when we do REDO what we'll do as well as obviously switching off from the world around us is.

We'll spend maybe a day in nature, we might go for a really long walk, perhaps through the city or we will go to a day spa.

You know, we remember; when we used to travel through Sydney a lot.  There was a fabulous underground day spa. We think in the Langham! actually on the rocks, and you'd go on literally go underground for the day.

So, sometimes we would go to a day spa, sometimes it's just being at home, and being quiet for the day allowing yourself to spend some time in bed and just do nothing and the whole purpose of this again is rejuvenation.

Now you're going to know what is right for you.  You're going to feel that, you're going to feel like this is what you're inspired to do.  And maybe you want to do yoga, maybe you love going for long bush walks, and you'll again you'll know intuitively instinctively what is right for you.

But that is the third step that you must take when your that day arrives.  You focus primarily on your own rejuvenation.

So three simple steps to take that REDO, the first one is that you have to schedule it in your diary.  No matter what when the day arrives, block the world out and then spend the entire day in rejuvenation.

Now when you're on your REDO, there are two things that you can focus on.  That will help you make the most of this powerful practice.  And the first one is that you rest and the second one is that you reflect.

So, remember these two words for yourself Rest and Reflect.

These are what are going to help you to rejuvenate.  So, when you're on this rest focus this is primarily about your physical body.

So, as we’ve said earlier, we're not designed to be on all of the time, and if you're on all of the time you will wear your body out it's just inevitable, we're not designed that way right.

So, you're going to give yourself some time to physically rejuvenate.

So now let's just talk about physical rest for a moment. Physical rest means you don't push anything forward.  So, you need to switch from push mode into just being or from doing into receiving and just slow down.

Now you might engage in practices like alternate nostril breathing.  So, you can actually jump on Google or YouTube, we’re absolutely certain there'll be stuff on how to do this or instructions.

It's very simple you're breathing in one nostril and out the other, in and out the other.  And you're blocking the alternate nostril in order to help you to facilitate this practice.

Now, actually, this type of breathing will reset your nervous system, and help you to slow down.  So, if you are having anxiety or a high level of stress then, we found alternate nostril breathing.

It can slow your heart rate down significantly and, enable you to again switch into that parasympathetic mode that you need in order to have rest and digest.

So, you can use practices like this in order to help your body rest.  We also recommend eating really high-quality food. 

So, make sure of really having them eaten and cleaned very sophisticatedly.  Eat the food that you absolutely love, that you know is good for you.

Have soft cushions, soft blankets, and super soft pillows we love if they are really soft.  You know, cushions and pillows and clothing as well and so on.  For a REDO, we have to make sure that we give our bodies those comforts.

Because the truth is, your body is your only point of contact with planet Earth, and if you really think about that, you realize that it's true this is your home.

It's not really the roof that's over your head.  It's the physical body that you live inside and we know that you value it.

So, let's take some time on this REDO to express love and gratitude for our body and to give it some of what it needs.

Now, in general, most of us seem to be big fans of taking the right supplements every day.  You know, we do things on a daily basis that look after our bodies.

But on a REDO, it's like, it's getting some extra special attention and care.  It's getting a warm bath with magnesium salts, it's getting the opportunity to just not do anything.  And we like to thank our body and say thank you for making our whole life possible.  Because without you, we wouldn't be here.

Now some of us are big believers in mind over body as much as body over mind.  And so this is where you're getting that opportunity to do the body over mind where you're taking care of your body to improve the quality of your mind and the state of your mind.

But also this is where we're going to come into the second focus for your REDO which is the reflected component.

This is where we're going to focus on the "Mind Over The Body" so, you know for example when you take care of your body your mind follows.

But also when you take care of your mind, you can create wellness in your body.  And we love this rhythm and this dynamic between the two.

Because your mind and your body are inherently connected and whatever happens in one of them will impact the other.

So, the rest is going to be body over mind to help you to relax and start thinking clearly again.  But also when you reflect you're going to help your mind have insights so that your body can then relax right so, we're doing it both ways.

So, the reflected component is about, how you process your life and your thoughts and your emotions while you're inside that REDO.

Now we’re not talking about doing any kind of, hardcore emotional work or pushing yourself to have a breakthrough.  That's not what this day is about.  Again it's about taking the pressure off and, slowing down so that you can again really start to get further inside new ideas and revelations about your life.

Now when you're slowing down your body, your mind will follow, and you will naturally start to have insight.

Now we believe that no matter what you're facing right now in your life.  You do have the answers inside you, but oftentimes we're running at like a million miles an hour.  It becomes impossible for us to hear our inner guidance let alone act on it.

So, when you go through this REDO, and you're sitting in this beautiful space these ideas will start popping in naturally.

This will naturally start to occur, you'll start to have more inspired thoughts, or you'll have revelations like, oh! you know, what actually we could do that or you know what we could really let go of this in our own life or we think it's time for us to make a new commitment to ourselves.  And this type of thought will naturally start to occur.

Now you might have a couple of questions about implementing the REDO in your life and taking these “Rostered Emotional Day Off” and we want to answer them for you right now.

These are the most common concerns that people share in this regard or ask us.

When we tell them about this sacred spiritual practice that will transform their life.  And the first question, we get asked is this, “can we take somebody with me”?, in other words when this “Rostered Emotional Day Off” arrives can we go on this journey with somebody else so can we take a friend can we take a partner with us?

And our simple answer to that is, “Please don't” in other words “Please do this day on your own”.  Yes we know, you have loved ones that you love to spend quality time with and you can make time for that too.

But this day is about the most important person in your life.  It's about you.  You need that quality time.  That sacred space in order to have these internal conversations with yourself to let the dust settle and to see the way forward for yourself.

So, please honor the REDO as a gift for who you are.  And the other biggest concern, that we find people have is, sort of more of an emotional one is “What if we come to this REDO and we've been so busy that we just haven't stopped but suddenly we have the space what if we just fall apart”?.

So, what if we reach this moment where we finally have some time alone, and we’re a mess and we cry all day and we don't know what to do and we feel like we’re on the floor, we’re having this breaking point moment and we just want to let you know we’ve had many of those on our journey, we mean we've been brought to our knees.

So many times by emotional challenges, by business challenges, by feeling we didn't have it in us or that we couldn't do it, or just not knowing exactly what to do next.

We mean, we know this journey, we've been pursuing our own purpose and dreams for.

We know it's not easy, so we just want to let you know that if you come to your REDO and you fall apart.

It's okay! We are believers that falling apart and breaking down is the first step to healing and recovery.  So, if you are in that space and you're feeling really sensitive and you feel like you're just at this breaking point this is actually the whole point of the REDO is to give you that space to just be for a moment.

You know, don't be a doing, a human doing.  You know, be a human being give yourself the time to feel.  Because you will find your way through it.

And if you really do need help, and this absolutely has to be said please do reach out and get it like if you're not finding that.

You're able to navigate your own way through then find a professional who can help you find a coach, find a healer, find the person that you feel can give you the guidance, talk to somebody don't suffer in silence.

You know, if you do feel that at the end of this day, you really need some help.

Please do reach out and find it for yourself.  We’re a recommender for self-development and an advisor for personal healing.

So make this a part of your daily life as well that you will reach out to, and really allow yourself to receive that support.  So, yes honor the REDO as time for yourself and if you are going to fall apart because we know that you can pull yourself back together.

You know, people have overcome depression, they've been through relationship breakups, they've been through so many challenges in their lives, and this strategy of REDO managed to come out every single one of them and we know that if they can, then you can too, but you do need the right spirit in order to do so.

Now, we hope at this point we have delivered you the idea and on the practice of doing the REDO in your own life.  And that you can see the value of taking regular “Rostered Emotional Day Off” so that you truly can be the person that you want to be.

Now, we believe that you are truly capable of amazing things in this world, you really are born for greatness.  You have the seeds and the human potential for success sitting inside of you right now.

But you can't serve the world and achieve your best if you're breaking apart on the inside.  This is why paying attention to your mental health, your physical health, and your emotional well-being is so important.

And as we’ve said the REDO is a strategy very simple, but very powerful strategy that can help you to be the best that you possibly can be.  And we mean that in the most sincere way possible you have a vision and you have a dream inside your mind.

We know, for how you want your life to be, you have a purpose that you're here to fulfill, there's something inside your heart that brings meaning to your life, and we want you to fulfill that.

We know, that you want to fulfill that, so make it a commitment, make that dedication and that devotion to yourself, that you will do whatever it takes and put in those practices in place, that is going to give you the support that you need to move forward of course.

Therefore this is being shared with you, one of the most powerful strategies that have transformed people’s life and boosted and supported their mental health in the times where it counts the most.

Thanks for paying your kind attention to this knowledgeable health fitness article.  If you liked it, comment below and follow us for more health and fitness health info articles in the future.


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