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Reduce Hunger Cravings, Decrease cravings - Food Cravings

Reduce Hunger Cravings, Decrease cravings - Food Cravings


Did you know that craving for food might actually be a sign of disease?  Most people don't know that craving for sugar can mean diabetes, craving for chocolate can be the result of a magnesium deficiency, and craving dirt or ice the lack of iron in your blood.

All this is true and certain cravings can mean different things.  Sometimes knowing their signs and symptoms and adopting the right methods to decrease cravings could be life-saving, especially if you know how to recognize them before it's too late.

So in this health info article, we are going to discuss what food cravings mean and how to reduce hunger cravings by knowing what signs and symptoms indicate you might be sick before it's too late.

Food cravings are very common.   We all know that they're difficult to ignore also and can typically appear when we least expect them to.
But why do they happen, and why do we have them, why do they appear many times after we've already had a meal?

Food cravings exist due to two very important factors, one physical and the other mental.  On many occasions, they can be a sign of an underlying condition that should not be ignored, and that's why the secret lies in identifying these characteristics and understanding when and why they are happening.

So, now let’s discuss what food cravings mean, how to decrease cravings by eating health-friendly food to reduce cravings, and what are the signs and symptoms indicate you might be sick before it's too late.

Your Hormones Are Not Well Balanced

What are some of the most important substances involved in food consumption, digestion, and metabolism?  They're your hormones.  Why do you think pregnant women for example get so hungry during pregnancy?

It's because their hormones are asking for more food thyroid hormones for example insulin, ghrelin, leptin, and others are all well involved in hunger and food cravings.

Now if your hormones are not well balanced, forget that peace of mind to reduce hunger cravings, you will not have it and you will have cravings all the time.  Therefore you have to take some action to decrease cravings in your life.

And by the way don't forget that not having your hormones in check is terribly unhealthy so diabetes, reproduction, weight gain, gastritis, you name it.

Hormones have a direct correlation with every single one of these health conditions.  So it's a very good idea that you keep them in check, and if you're having food cravings we think it's a very good idea that you get your hormones checked before you see any health condition appear later in the long run.

Your Body Is Asking For a Vitamin or a Mineral

Did you know that your body can actually ask you to eat certain things, because it may be needing a specific vitamin and mineral in that certain food to reduce cravings?

Most people don't know that certain nutrient deficiencies are expressed by our brains with that desire to consume certain food to reduce cravings.

For example, if you're craving cheese your body might be needing healthy fats, if you're craving pastries you might be needing chromium if your body is asking for sugar you might only be needing to consume certain foods that are high in sulfur or phosphorus.

It's amazing how we can have that capability of asking our body can ask for certain foods that many times contain the same specific vitamin and minerals we are needing.

This is actually one of the reasons why it's always a great idea to consume a good quality multivitamin formula that can help you with every single nutrient deficiency you might have and food cravings.  But don't confuse eating a lot with eating healthy to reduce hunger cravings.

Most of the time eating a lot does not exactly mean you are eating what you need, you're eating healthy.

You Need Quality Sleep

If you really want to know, why you're craving to eat certain foods?  You have to look at your sleep and if you didn't know this, you should.

Because your appetite is greatly affected by how the human body regulates its sleep and wake cycle.  You see sleep deprivation or not getting enough good quality sleep which are two completely different things that disrupt hormonal fluctuations and actually produce food cravings.

This change in hormone balance can lead to poor appetite regulation would later during the day activate strong food cravings all throughout the body.

If you have doubts, let's look at what several studies are saying.  Many research studies show that sleep-deprived individuals are up to almost fifty-five percent more likely to become obese compared to people who get enough sleep.

And this is obviously one of the most important reasons why getting enough quality sleep can become one of the most powerful ways to reduce hunger cravings from appearing.

So in a nutshell without sleep, everything goes haywire.  If you want to read an informative article on Quality Sleep, then click here because we have an entire article on this subject due to the importance of quality sleep for health. 

You're Not Eating Right

How many of us have actually already gone on a diet and seen that food cravings and anxiety get a lot worse.  You might not be eating properly and lacking, for example, protein.

People that go on a diet, don't know how to use protein and it's one of those hidden gems that most people really need when they do any type of change in the consumption of food.

You see when you eat healthy proteins, the digestive system takes more time to empty your stomach giving you a longer period of time without food cravings.

Eating more protein help reduce hunger cravings and keeps you from overeating.  For example, it helps reduce cravings and it actually helps you feel full and satisfied for a longer period of time.

For example in one research study which involved overweight patients and teenage girls, researchers discovered that eating a high-protein breakfast certainly assists reduce cravings significantly by almost fifty percent.

Another research study in overweight men showed that increasing protein intake by almost twenty-five of calories helps reduce hunger cravings by around sixty percent which is a lot.

Some of the best proteins you can consume include, for example, egg whites, fatty fish, and poultry as all these are excellent.

It can be often observed people use this technique a lot at home and barely have any food cravings between meals and actually observed the other factors we’ve just mentioned in this full of health info article.

Try to keep your meals at the same time every day with a great effort to educate your body and having it feel that would be very good in the process.

Thanks for reading this full of health info article.  If you have found it informative then kindly share it with your family and friends.


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