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Brain Fog Disease, Mental Fog Mind Fog, Brain Fog Causes And Treatment

Brain Fog Disease, Mental Fog Mind Fog, Brain Fog Causes And Treatment


Brain Fog Causes And Treatment

If you are in a situation where you feel yourself fatigued, moody distracted constantly, or any other similar condition, then you are perhaps dealing with some kind of brain fog disease.

Brain fog is a disease that has nowadays become an annoying side effect of our hasty-paced some kind of industrialized lifestyle.  It is so common that many people might have it and not be entirely conscious of why it is happening.

So in this health info article, we shall be going to reveal some of the most common brain fog causes and treatment you can use to make it go away in no time.

Suffering from the annoying disease called brain fog is something that is just the opposite of feeling calm, motivated, optimistic.  Brain fog disease can perhaps easily rob you of happiness and inspiration while raising the likelihood of signs or symptoms of depression or anxiety in your life.

Luckily brain fog is considered to be a repairable condition regaining your sense of clear-headedness focus and joy has no price and like nearly all the things health-related.  It starts with addressing the underlying issues that include diet, stress levels, sleep, and levels of physical activity.

So now let’s discuss some of the most common causes for brain fog and their natural treatments you can use to make it go away in no time.

Brain Fog Causes And Treatment

Stop Eating Wheat

Something is very wrong with wheat nowadays and if you pay close attention everybody is reporting digestive issues with regards to wheat consumption.

And for some odd reason more and more people report brain fog associated with wheat consumption.  

Now let us tell you that this is no imaginary problem, wheat actually can indeed be responsible for low brain alertness and many people have observed it in the patients.

Wheat contains gluten.  Gluten apparently glues itself to our intestines and because of that doesn't let them produce our Neurotransmitters tied to brain alertness.

New research is now suggesting that our digestion and intestinal health play a vital role in brain function and alertness.  So advice to you is the following reduce weed consumption, even better if you're able to eliminate wheat entirely from your diet, bread, cookies, etc.

You can try doing it for about a month and a half if you want, and see if there's a difference.   You will see it, and you will want to keep wheat away from your system, you'll feel brighter, more awake, and lightheaded.

Brain Fog Causes And Treatment

Hormone Imbalances

Low thyroid function, adrenal insufficiencies, and chronic fatigue syndrome are three of the most important problems causing brain fog.

These hormone imbalances are mostly caused by the same factors as inflammation for diets possibly sensitivities or allergies stress and maybe not enough rest.

Now the problem with all of these is, that most of them have a hormonal factor at play.  In order to gain your energy and solve the underlying adrenal or hormonal issue, you need to change your diet, you need to aim for herbs and supplements that can help you get back your energy the way you want it the way you need it.

You need to avoid inflammatory hydrogenated oils, processed and packaged goods, etc.  Alcohol for example is another one we have all felt how alcohol can accelerate our brain fog during the day.

We all know that alcohol suppresses the central nervous system and on the other hand too much caffeine can stress our adrenals.  So it's all about balance, healthy balance.  Keep your hormones in check keep them well balanced.

Brain Fog Causes And Treatment

Sleeping But Not Properly Resting

One of the fastest and most reliable ways to improve brain function is to get better sleep quality.  The hormones in your brain stay in balance when your body gets enough adequate rest every night, and at least seven to eight hours.

Now when you are constantly running on fumes you are very likely to find it hard to pay attention at work engage in meaningful conversations or even retain information.

You might have noticed that it is also better to manage your hunger when you sleep well.  Your emotions, food cravings, etc., when you're well-rested obviously and it improves your mental health.

Brain fog is very commonly kicked off by the lack of sleep and you need to know that.  Ironically it raises cortisol levels which means you can become more irritable, and find it harder to get for you some rest through the night.

Now just you know high cortisol depresses dopamine levels and makes it difficult for serotonin to work like it's supposed to.

Feeding into that vicious cycle of poor moods bad behavior etc.  So, truly not worth it.  We suggest you find a good quality melatonin supplement that can help you.

You won't believe how healthy it is to take melatonin every day you'll be able to rest feel energized feel lucid everything at once.
Stress Might be killing you

It's tough to go more than a few hours without that influx of stressors today, emails text messages cell phones, etc. you name it.

Now believe it or not this becomes tiring and destructing distracting for our brains.  You perhaps have not to think about it but it is very true.

There is a high amount of stress that increases the production of cortisol which later on brings side effects of brain fog, weight gain, hormone imbalances, sexual dysfunction, insomnia, depression, and further anxiety.

What you can do is obviously balance things out, put aside some time to do some stress-relieving techniques, do some meditation, some exercise, journaling, reading, and even spend more time in nature.

You might have no idea how much spending time in nature can change you, and that's very important.  You can try that every day.  And believe it or not technology today is responsible for that dopamine rush.

And many times everyone is talking about our brain releases so much dopamine with the use of technology that it's hardly anything is left for your brains to function after that.

Now curiously enough this lack of dopamine leaves us unfocused, bored, uninspired.  Not to mention that it is associated with a higher risk of addictions, learning disabilities, and mental illnesses.

So make it a priority to stay free of stress, take that technology, and put it aside for some time, it will help you a lot.

Brain Fog Causes And Treatment

You Are Not Exercising

Remember, exercise lowers inflammation, helps you stress relief, helps you increase energy levels, but too much exercise also puts some risk on hormonal imbalances and more fatigue.

For many people moderate to regular exercise can help you balance everything out improve insulin resistance, help you sleep better, and most importantly help you fight fatigue and brain thought.

Exercise releases natural endorphins, boosts stamina, and even lifts your mood up.  Remember that it is all about balance if you want a healthy life, a healthy brain function and to get rid of brain fog.

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.


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