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Depression and Oversleeping fatigue, Symptoms Over Sleep Side Effects

Oversleeping Side Effects

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Depression and Oversleeping

You might feel tempted to think that oversleeping is healthy, while in fact, it could mean there's a health condition underway.

Believe it or not, if you are oversleeping, this could mean you are sick, and that something needs to change.  There might be a hormone deficiency, a thyroid issue, diabetes, or even cancer.

But how much is too much sleep?  Is it okay to sleep for example 10 hours a day?

So in this health fitness article, we shall try to reveal some of the top dangers related to over sleeping, its causes, and how to reverse it naturally and effectively.

If you have been feeling fatigued and can't quite seem to drag yourself out of bed every morning.  You may be wondering why am I sleeping too much?

Given how common insomnia and sleep deprivation are we don't always hear or think about the potentially harmful effects of over sleeping.

Now believe it or not oversleeping could be indicating something is not right with your health.  If you're feeling tired all the time and you can't seem to get enough of the sleep you're having, you might be suffering from something serious that needs to be treated before it's too late.

So in the next few paragraphs of this health fitness article, we shall be revealing some of the top dangers related to oversleeping, its causes, and how to reverse it naturally and effectively.

Depression and Oversleeping

You Are Having Poor Quality Sleep

Believe it or not millions of people might not be aware that they're not sleeping right one of the main reasons.  Why many of us can wake up tired?

Or we can oversleep is simply because our bodies are not getting enough rest to begin with snoring for example is a good reason why many people don't realize that they don't have a good quality sleep in their hands.

In some cases poor quality can be caused by poor diet also maybe even stress staying up late at night watching TV, drinking alcohol, or even acid reflux at night.

Snoring specifically can be caused by obesity and obviously is a big cause also just by itself.  This is something where the abdominal and neck overgrowth might not be letting your lungs and throat expand correctly.  Hence not letting you breathe.

Now what we suggest you do is, check for anything that might be causing a lack of sleep at night.

No quality sleep is obviously going to make you oversleep during the day.  Because you're going to feel tired and never have that quality that you need every night to feel rested and to have that good health that you need.

Melatonin is a natural sleep quality hormone that you can use every day to go to sleep very effectively, by the way, and it is recommended for you to take it if you need it.


Depression and Oversleeping

You Have A Thyroid Problem

Suffering from thyroid issues is another big one and a very important part of not being able to sleep well.  Most people don't know that oversleeping and feeling tired all the time could be or could be telling you that their thyroid is not working.

You see hypothyroidism is when your gland, your thyroid gland is not working properly is obviously not working or it is working less than it should be.

Some of the symptoms associated with a lower thyroid activity are feeling tired all the time, fatigued, moodiness, weight gain, hair loss, vision problems, poor work performance, among several other causes.

This is also when we tend to feel that sleeping eight hours is not enough, the thyroid is in charge of producing two very important hormones that regulate the activity of every cell inside your body, the heart, the liver, digestion brain energy production, and even hair or nail growth.

In other words, your thyroid governs the rate at which your body is functioning.  If it is not functioning you will feel tired and you will oversleep.

Now if you are feeling tired all the time due to low thyroid activity, and you need something very effective against this condition we shall suggest you do two things one eliminate wheat from your diet and two take a supplement that has everything your thyroid needs to function properly.

Depression and Oversleeping

You Might Be Feeling Depressed

Sometimes these symptoms of feeling depressed can be expressed, and over sleeping it's important to remember that oversleeping is a possible sign of depression.  Because it could be happening to you and you are not still being you know conscious of it.

By the way, anyone with depression can tell you that over sleeping is easy for them.  Because there's obviously a symptom that can come up easily in that person when the person is depressed energy levels decline.

The symptoms such as sadness and emptiness settle further exacerbating those feelings of fatigue.

And believe it or not, it's quite common.  Some people think they might not be depressed, but they're oversleeping. They don't really feel that way, but they are tired all the time and they have no energy or will to do anything during the day.

Depression and Oversleeping

You Are Not Exercising

We have to admit that modern life today is extremely sedentary, we drive a car to work, we sit in an office all day long, we don't exercise, and we slowly become lazy.

Sitting all day long is very hard on your body and most people don't know this.  The lack of physical activity can make you tired all the time.

It causes back pain, soreness, headaches, and most importantly chronic fatigue.  Oversleeping just so you know we were made to walk, run, hunt, and have a physical activity every single day.

If we don't do that our body is in no way fit to actually feel energized.  Regular physical activity is obviously the best way natural treatment.

To combat this lack of physical activity, exercise will balance your hormones, improve insulin resistance, and even better improve your sleep.

It elevates your stamina, your sexual response, releases endorphins, lifts your mood, and makes you feel a lot better feel alive.

Depression and Oversleeping

You're Lacking A Vitamin Or Mineral

We tend to forget that the human body needs every single mineral and vitamin in nature to get along and have that energy production the way it needs.

Being tired all the time could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency or a mineral deficiency.  This could mean that there's a low level of vitamin D, B12, Iron, Magnesium, or even Potassium.

Each and every single one of these minerals and vitamins plays a role in our system.  B12 for example improves ATP production energy, iron is a vital ingredient of red blood cells we all need to transport, distribute oxygen, and we need it for energy production.

And the same thing happens with vitamin D, we need magnesium, calcium, every mineral and vitamin is important.

What is being recommended to you to do is, take a good multivitamin formula.  But a good multivitamin is not a synthetic vitamin source that can actually make your body respond to the effect that you want.

Thanks for reading this health fitness article, if you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your loved ones.


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