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Signs You Have Diabetes, PreDiabetic Symptoms, Think I Have Diabetes

Signs You Have Diabetes, PreDiabetic Symptoms, Think I Have Diabetes


Signs You Have Diabetes

You see most people think they will never have diabetes and they already have the symptoms.  You would be surprised to see how many millions of people suffer from insulin resistance which is the first step to high blood sugar levels that in turn leads to nerve damage, obesity, low energy levels, and even kidney failure, doing diabetes.

Believe it or not, there is a countless number of individuals who have symptoms and still do not know or haven't realized they are walking to this problem.

So in this health fitness article, we shall be discussing how you can come to know if you have diabetes and how you can reverse it before it's too late.

Diabetes is a silent killer, it literally destroys your circulation, your nerves, liver, and kidneys many times before you even realize its happenings.

This is basically why so many individuals are caught out of guard when they figure out, they can no longer reverse the situation.  If you knew how to recognize the symptoms before insulin resistance or diabetes appears obviously life would become much easier.

Complications including heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and even amputations would never happen to you.

So now let’s focus on how you can tell if you have diabetes and how to reverse it before it's too late.

Signs You Have Diabetes

Tingling And Numbness In Hands And Feet

Numbness and tingling on your feet or your hands can be a sign of nerve damage, generated by poor sugar metabolism obviously.

A nerve which is a cable-like bundle of fibers very similar to what an electrical wire looks like can damage because you have high blood sugar levels.

These wires are always more vulnerable in our extremities or hands or feet and nerve damage can happen more easily in these parts of your body because blood flow many times is less accessible worse if sugar is obviously on top of what it should be.

Now circulation can obviously be damaged by poor sugar control and this usually happens to diabetic patients.  And who are the first ones to suffer from pain numbness tingling in the hands and feet and obviously the problems including that nerve damage?

It has been seen how individuals who have an unhealthy lifestyle, insulin resistance, or you know diabetic patients obviously can have this nerve damage.

So if it happens to you if you feel numbness tingling or even pain on your feet your hands or you know that rare sensation that is not natural to everyday life you might be walking to diabetes.

Signs You Have Diabetes

You Are More Thirsty Than Usual

Excessive thirst is another very common and important symptom of diabetes and it starts early on even if you're only experiencing insulin resistance.

When patients have high blood sugar levels, the body naturally asks for more liquids to dilute that sugar inside your bloodstream already.

When this happens thirst starts to appear, and many times drinking water that small cup of water is not enough.  Now no matter how much water you drink sometimes that thirst does not go away.  The body keeps asking for more and more water and the problem never leaves you.

So this is one of the hallmarks of diabetes symptoms.  If you have that thirst that never goes away you have to pay attention, it may be happening to you.

Signs You Have Diabetes

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination is another also very important symptom of diabetes and in medicine, we call this Polyuria.  The human body experiences that build-up of sugar concentration and the body responds by having to eliminate everything it can through the kidneys in an attempt to get free of that sugar accumulation.

Peeing a lot is a hallmark sign of both type 1 and 2 diabetes and it's pretty common.  Although there is no normal amount of time you should be peeing per day this could be a result of insulin resistance or diabetes and even inflammation that you might be having in your body that you still are not recognizing.

If there is something that is happening to you, you need to take some action before it's too late.  What is being suggested you do is change your diet, take something that is anti-inflammatory, and make sure that your thyroid is working so that you can burn sugar and burn fat effectively and make sure that everything comes back to normal.

Signs You Have Diabetes

Increased Hunger

Also now this one among some other very prominent causes linked to diabetes is being anxious to eat something can also be caused by diabetes.  And what happens here is, the body never is never able to use whatever you are taking in.

The sugar you are ingesting in your meals is building up in your blood without being metabolized and obviously, your cells are staying hungry.

Now, this is why if you have diabetes, no matter how much you eat you will want more to eat, you want sugar you want something and you're always hungry.

Now just you know this anxiety to eat can be solved by exercise, a good diet, and something that can help you with sugar metabolism we really suggest you look to exercise every day, change the way you eat, and make sure you take a supplement for to help you out.

Signs You Have Diabetes

Fatigue And Weakness

If you're constantly tired feeling weak or fatigued you might be having diabetes.  Obviously, if you're eating and the sugar is not being used up then obviously you are not producing energy.

This is when the body starts to accumulate sugar and that is not working.  The lack of insulin being effective in your body is making you want to eat more, making you have all these problems inside your metabolic rate.

Diabetes can affect the body's ability to produce energy and meet those daily requirements, and this is why you might feel tired all the time.

Now curiously enough with diabetes sleeping will not solve the problem.  What you need is something to help that metabolic rate, be effective, and make sure that the sugar you already have can be burnt to meet the requirements you need.

Signs You Have Diabetes

The Darkening Of Your Skin

The darkening of your skin especially in the areas where you bend it is also a very common symptom of diabetes of early symptoms of diabetes.

The affected areas of the body which may include the armpits, your neck, your elbows, your knees, your lips, etc., can also itch at the same time and they have a specific odor.

If this is happening to you, you are in need to check with your doctor, check your diabetes or insulin resistance levels, your sugar, the concentration of blood sugar tests in your body, or fasting insulin tests, very important.

Now when you visit the doctor make sure you tell him what you are taking, what supplements, what vitamins, what type of life you have, if you exercise, if you eat healthy, etc. 

Thanks for reading this health fitness article.  If you have found it informative then, kindly share it with your friends and family.


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