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Skin Warning Signs, What Are Skin Disorders, Diagnose Skin Conditions

Skin Warning Signs, What Are Skin Disorders, Diagnose Skin Conditions


How's your health doing?  When was the last time you visited a skin doctor to have a thorough medical checkup?  Well!  Believe it or not, if you pay close attention to your skin you might not need one.

A good doctor usually examines the symptoms on your skin to see how your health is doing.  And if you can do it yourself at home then you can basically know how your health is going.  Because if the doctor can do it, why not you?  After all, the only thing you need to know is what your skin is saying about your health.

So in this health info article, we shall be discussing some of the important signs and symptoms your skin is revealing about your health, and how you can treat them to stay healthy naturally and effectively.

The simple act of observation on the skin is capable of diagnosing all sorts of health conditions and diseases diabetes, thyroid problems, cancer, liver failure, kidney disease, and more.

Some doctors might even send their patients to the hospital only on skin-related symptoms.

So now let’s focus on a few of the prominent and important signs and symptoms your skin is revealing about your health, and how you can treat them to stay healthy naturally and effectively.

Skin Warning Signs

Dry Skin

You would be surprised to know how many people suffer from dry skin on a daily basis, even more, impressive is how hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on creams and products humectants of all kinds.

Now let us tell you that you might not need all of this, the thing is that dry skin or flaky skin is well known to be a symptom of thyroid disease.

What does it mean?  Well!  For one it means your thyroid might not be working as well as it should be, and on the other hand, it means you might not be needing creams for your skin.

Believe it or not, they might be a waste of money, because what you really need is maybe to activate your thyroid to make sure your skin gets that humidity it needs every single day.

And by the way, if your thyroid is underactive, this means that your entire body is not working properly.  Every single cell organ and tissue will not respond accordingly.

Skin Warning Signs

The Darkening of Your Skin in Certain Areas

Acanthosis Nigricans which is the darkening of the skin, that's its name, in certain areas of the body, is a very common symptom of diabetes.

Your skin may be warning you that there is insulin resistance or there's a problem with sugar being accumulated in your blood.

Now when this happens the skin becomes darker, mainly in areas where there's less circulation, maybe in your neck, your armpits, your elbows, your knees, your lips, even they can also become itchy and with a specific odor.

Now curiously enough, this symptom might be more common in people who are overweight or obese obviously, because there might be a problem with their metabolism or their sugar burning and consumption.

You have to check your skin and see if this is happening to you and if you see this, we suggest you visit the doctor you might have diabetes or insulin resistance.  You might need blood tests or even fasting insulin resistance tests and they are necessary.

Now if you see this symptom at home, you need obviously to start exercising, change your diet, make sure you consume the sugar you are eating reduce your sugar content, stop eating fast foods, junk foods, and foods that will not help you with your metabolic rate.

Skin Warning Signs


Have you ever seen someone turn yellow?  This is called jaundice.  And believe it or not, it exists.  Jaundice is a condition where your skin becomes yellow.  The sclera of your eyes, or the white parts of your eyes, and your mucous membranes become yellow also.

They're a symptom of liver failure, this yellow in color is caused by a high level of Bilirubin in your blood.

Bilirubin is a fluid secreted by your liver, which is yellow, orange, violin, pigment color that can accumulate inside your skin or on your skin if there's a problem with the liver.

Now, this is a symptom that you have to be careful of because it is no joke.  If you see that your eyes or your skin are turning yellow we suggest you see a professional and see him fast it's not something that can wait.

Now when we say it can wait obviously it can't wait, there are serious conditions tied to jaundice that have to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

Skin Warning Signs

Changes on a Mole

Believe it or not, the skin can tell you if you have cancer or not.  The changes in the size shape color or the way they feel on a mole can be the first warning of Melanoma or cancer.

These changes can occur on an existing mole or a new one that appears out of nowhere.  Now if you recognize you're seeing any of the changes that are called the abcde rule then it's a warning sign of Melanoma.

So for example asymmetry means the shape of one half of the mole does not match the other.  The second one is border meaning the edges are uneven or blurred.  Color means there are shades of brown or maybe black or tan present and in other words,, everything that has to do with uneven that mole can tell you there's a Melanoma or cancer.

A normal mole (Nevus) on the other hand does not change in shape or color.  It does not grow or have any other asymmetry that might not be or look normal.

Now we do suggest you take supplements, take vitamins, take antioxidant supplements that can help you from time to time control any changes on your skin and keep it healthy. 

You need something effective you can use for your skin to keep it beautiful tight and healthy.

Skin Warning Signs

A Butterfly Rash on Your Face

It is not a good sign, a lot of people find that butterfly rashes can be pretty cute and the problem is that sometimes they're quite dangerous.

This butterfly rash is a reddish rash on the face that spreads over the bridge of our nose across our cheeks making the shape of a butterfly best described possible.

Now this known butterfly rash also called a Malar Rash or a Flush is most commonly associated with a disease called Lupus, quite dangerous by the way if gone untreated obviously.

Now if you've ever seen that butterfly rash appears from time to time we suggest you start thinking about going to the doctor.

Lupus happens when your immune system starts attacking your intestinal organs.  This is important.

If you leave it untreated or ignore its symptoms then obviously this could lead to something serious or serious damage maybe even kidney failure, liver failure, and much more.

So what we should suggest you do if you see that butterfly rash is, visit the doctor.

Start eating healthy, also take anti-inflammatory supplements to reduce that inflammation, and balance out your hormones.

Skin Warning Signs

Rashes After Eating or Introducing Something in Your Body

Allergies are very common, sometimes too common nowadays.  Because people obviously are eating so many things or so much junk food that obviously there are several things that we don't even know where they come from.

A lot of food we are eating today is genetically modified, full of pesticides, ingredients, and even chemicals, that do nothing more than harm our bodies to produce allergies.

If you see that your skin has a rash, maybe pimples, or is itchy in any area of the body we suggest you start eliminating what you are eating, which might be causing your immune system to go whack.  Try to eliminate packaged goods, chemicals, toxins, etc.

By the way, your skin might not be the only one affected and this could be something that is affecting other internal organs as well also very important.

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative then kindly share it with your friends and family.


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