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Body Odor Disorder, Bad Body Smell Disease, Body Smell, HealthnFitness

Body Odor Disorder, Bad Body Smell Disease, Body Smell, HealthnFitness


Bad Body Smell Disease

Nobody likes to spend time next to someone that smells bad.  Body odor is one of the most important auto perception factors in human beings.

If you don't believe this, look at the incredible number of perfume brands available around the world.  The best perfumes ever invented were created in places where their population really needed them.

But why does body odor smell that bad?  So in this health info article, we shall be going to discuss some of the most important reasons as to why you might be experiencing bad body odor or smell, and how to cure it naturally and effectively?

Everyone has a unique body odor which can sometimes be pleasant or not.  When we think about both we usually think of unpleasant smells.

But believe it or not, there also are people that smell spectacular.  Changes to your body order may appear during puberty, may be excessive sweating, poor hygiene, who knows.

But some changes may many times be caused by a health condition like bad liver function, kidney disease, or even what you're eating, especially sudden and persistent changes in the way you smell.

If you pay attention this can sometimes be a sign of an underlying health condition.

So now let’s focus on a few of the most important reasons as to why you might be experiencing body odor or smell, and how to change this naturally and effectively.

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Bad Body Smell Disease


Most probably you might have read the saying" You are, what you eat" or similar like "We are, what we eat".   Everything thing that we eat usually creates an influence on the human body, sometimes it appears all of a sudden or with delays.

For instance, many people experience a sudden strong smell in their urine after eating asparagus.  That smell usually goes away once your food is metabolized unless you eat it daily.

But on the other hand, if you consume garlic as an instance for a prolonged time span, your sweat will be affected and will be odorous.

Whatsoever diet generally you intake directly affects the body's smelling order.  So the greatest differences arise from the kinds of diets you intake.

Some research has found for example that males who eat a healthy diet that is high in fruits and vegetables have a better smell of sweat, no matter how much they sweat.

On the other hand, other individuals that have high carb diets are associated with less pleasant smelling sweat.

Unpleasant breath as an instance can be simply arising in response to the eatables are used to take, particularly, in case you are consuming a lot of spicy things or certain vegetables like radish, onion, or similar acidic goodies.

Just remember that the healthier you are eating the healthier your diet is the better your body odor will be.

Curative Tips on

Bad Body Smell Disease


We don't know if you've ever noticed how stress can produce a stronger body odor, and the opposite happens if you're calm.

What else can seldom become cause you to sweat odor more is anxiety and stress?

Now there's something that's still an unknown reason as to why this type of sweat smells differently from sports sweat for example.  Sweat is considered to be a production of stress and smells much worse.

And perhaps you might be experiencing this condition or you might have been suffered from it in the past.

If you have hyperhidrosis disorder for example which happens when you sweat excessively and uncontrollably sometimes due to stress this is also an effect of body odor.

Also according to a research study during the year 2016, it was said that Hyperhidrosis is a condition that is linked to stress.  Many people who develop this condition experience stress and especially effects of sweating affect their self-esteem and confidence.

You know it's a vicious cycle.  Hyperhidrosis is often diagnosed with people with mental health conditions such as for example social anxiety which may influence the onset of this problem.

Curative Tips on

Bad Body Smell Disease

You Might Have Diabetes Or Kidney Problems

Several metabolic-related disorders in the human body including diabetics can really affect the way your body smells.  As an instance, diabetic patients have many difficulties breaking down glucose in their bodies due to this their body smell unpleasant odor.

You may have noticed that people with diabetes have a breath that smells sweet because they have that buildup of glucose and circulation.

Now what's even more impressive is how the room of someone who has diabetes usually tends to smell like apples and this is a fact.

One of the conditions associated with diabetes that also changes the way we smell is kidney failure.  Kidney failure puts urea into sweet excretions.  While diabetes puts acetone the same substance contained in polish remover.

Now all these things smell faintly different.  And some doctors can even be very good at diagnosing the patient even by the way they smell that's all they need, so very impressive and believe it, its hundred percent true.

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Bad Body Smell Disease

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are a big cause of sweating increases.  This is usually seen during puberty for example menopause, pregnancy, and many other health conditions.

For example, women experiencing hormonal fluctuations during for example menstruation can certainly experience changes in their body order and they notice it when estrogen levels drop during menopause the body often mistakes this as a sign of overheating.

This hormone change leads to excessive sweating which obviously changes the way you smell.  Now the most interesting thing about this is, that each hormone shift produces a different scent, they're vaguely different but they are.

Most of the time body odor is just a pesky and unpleasant part of life, but it has many times a lot to do with the hormonal changes that you might have in your body.

Your hormone changes and your body smells very are important, don't forget that we have pheromones.

And this is an area that is still largely unknown to science how pheromones can change the way we smell and actually improve our social life and our reproductive life.

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Bad Body Smell Disease

You Might Have An Overactive Thyroid

Your thyroid plays a very important role in just about anything in the human body and this includes body odor.

One of the unfortunate things that hold true about body odor is the fact that it's prone to sweating more.  This is where your thyroid comes in because it's also responsible for how much you are sweating or how much water your skin is secreting.

Graves disease for example is basically an overactive thyroid where it reacts to an autoimmune system malfunction by going into overdrive.

This small gland is the one responsible for regulating metabolism, meaning it tells your skin how much it has to sweat and what smells it has to have.

It's everything is connected and if you sweat too much well, you have to obviously have to look into your thyroid maybe your thyroid is a problem.

By the way, thyroid-related sweating often tends to happen at night.  So pay close attention to this characteristic you might have.

In any case, your thyroid should always be healthy always, that's something you need to look out for and you may not have it healthy and you don't know that's something you need to recognize before it's too late.

Curative Tips on

Bad Body Smell Disease


Can cancer really smell?  Well!  Think about it.  Dogs are now being trained to smell cancer because it really does smell.  Some people with advanced cancer have been reported to have unpleasant body odors.

But they're typically due to infected cancer-related wounds or you know rotten flesh.

This can happen in almost ten percent of patients but many of these patients or other patients do actually smell a certain way and they actually tell doctors about it.

Some women with Geneticological tumors do complain of unpleasant smells in vaginal discharges and that's a fact.

This may result from certain acids for example which by the way are reduced with certain medications or actually exacerbated with medications that change the way we smell.

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.



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