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Lupus Has a Cure, Lupus Disease Treatment, Can You Get Rid of Lupus

Lupus Has a Cure, Lupus Disease Treatment, Can You Get Rid of Lupus


If you are suffering from muscle or joint pain you maybe feel tired and suffer from any skin condition, rashes, etc., especially if you are female, what you might have?  It might be lupus.

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that happens when your own immune system starts attacking your organs maybe your skin, joints, muscle, kidneys, and liver.

Among others what's curious is that no one really knows why lupus appears in the first place, at least not until you start discovering how to treat it?

So in this health info article, we shall be going to reveal how you can help treat lupus naturally, and what things you can do, eat, or take to improve this terrible health condition.

Millions of people suffer from autoimmune conditions every single day, and for those who don't know this an autoimmune condition is a disease where our own immune cells instead of attacking harmful bacteria and diseases, end up attacking our own system, and lupus is a clear example.

What many people are still not noticing is that 9 out of 10 individuals, sometimes even 10 out of 10 patients with lupus are females.

This might indicate that lupus has a strong hormonal factor that is triggering its symptoms, its appearance, and its development.

So now let’s discuss how you can help treat lupus naturally and what things you can do, eat, or take to improve this terrible health condition.

Can You Get Rid of Lupus

For the patients who are diagnosed with lupus, for them, there is good news that lupus has a cure so they can adopt this curative way to treat their condition naturally without the use of drugs.

And this method worked astonishingly better, now the secret to relieving this condition lies in three simple changes that we shall reveal to you.

You Need To Make Sure Your Thyroid Is Working

So what on earth does your thyroid have to do with lupus and does it really matter the answer to the question lies in hormone balance your thyroid function is extremely important.  And it has been observed that this could be particularly true with lupus patients.

There is a very strong relationship between hormone balance, female hormone production, and estrogen and this health condition called lupus.

If you are able to regulate these hormones, you will have almost thirty-three percent of the recovery process underway.

So the first thing you need to do is make sure that your thyroid is working.  We suggest you start by consuming a complete formula that makes sure you have everything you need for that diet to work and function.

If you give your body the minerals, vitamins, and supplements, specifically designed for thyroid function it will be capable of working on its own.

Your thyroid by the way is a gland that sits in the front of your neck and it's the same one in charge of making sure every single cell in your body is working at the rate it needs to be working.

Keep Your Hormones Well Balanced

It is a lot more common to see women with lupus than men.  So we shall try to focus specifically on women.

If you want to see your symptoms reduced, you need to keep your hormones well-balanced.  And just so many women have more lupus symptoms before menstrual periods, before their periods and during pregnancy, or even during menopause when estrogen production is high or low.

When hormones are changing this may indicate that estrogen has a very specific role with regards to the severity of lupus.

Now be careful because this does not mean that estrogen is a hormone that causes lupus.  There is a difference what we strongly suggest you do is do your best to keep your hormones well balanced.

Make sure you are eating healthy, you are exercising, you are taking supplements that can help you keep estrogen in check.

And make sure you are not overweight which obviously has a very important effect on hormones.

Lupus is more common in people who are overweight for example.  Another indication is that there might be insulin resistance and a hormone relationship with lupus.

What we suggest you do is take a supplement that can help your liver fulfill its role with regard to hormone balance.

So hormones once again are extremely important and if they are well balanced then you will see those symptoms be reduced.

Eliminate Inflammatory Foods

Food is also very important, a condition like lupus and many people don't know about this and why is this?

Well!  It all boils down to inflammation.  Lupus is a health condition that is exacerbated by inflammation.  The more inflammation you have the more your immune system will obviously not work, or start attacking your system.

Now the sad part is that one of the most common sources for inflammation today is the food you are not eating healthy.

The food we eat is full of pesticides, hormones, chemicals, colorings, and in short substances that create inflammation and make matters worse.

So you need to stay away from foods that contain many of these substances, you need to stay away from genetically modified grains, packaged goods, one very important group of foods you need to eliminate from your diet are wheat products.  Wheat is everything that is bread, pasta, anything that has gluten in it.

Another group of inflammatory foods you need to stay away from is dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and believe it or not four vegetables that will also and are also terrible for lupus like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage.

We know it sounds awkward, but it does work if you eliminate them.  And the last one is red meat in general, beer, shrimp, seafood, which also are very damaging to lupus.

Although we have written the health benefits of these said items in our earlier articles which you might have read or can read right after reading this article, when it comes to curing lupus then these foods must be avoided.

You have to make an effort to change your diet and we are very confident that if you put in an effort you will see the gratification in a couple of weeks or a few months.  It's a slow process but you will see it works.

Calm Down Your Immune System

This last step is also key.  Your immune system is one of the things that is causing a whole lot of trouble in this condition.

And what you need to do is start making sure that you're taking supplements that have the power to calm down that wacky immune function, and give it the support and function that it properly needs.

What is being suggested you do is start taking a good concentration of turmeric.  Concentrated turmeric, and you'll also need a good source of Vitamin C and a formula that is known for providing support to that immune function. 

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative then kindly share it with your friends and family.



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