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Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment For High Uric Acid Levels To Heal Gout

Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment For High Uric Acid Levels to Heal Gout


Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Why does your doctor always want to know how much uric acid is accumulating inside your blood?

Just so you know the accumulation of uric acid which is a toxic waste can lead to gout an extremely painful health condition where the joints are the most affected.

But how can we cure this? Is gout something we are doomed to have always or is this something natural we can use to eliminate gout and uric acid accumulation effectively?

So in this health info article, we shall be discussing what you can do to eliminate gout and uric acid naturally to keep your joints, liver, and kidneys healthy now and for years to come.

Did you know that your liver and kidneys are the two organs responsible for making sure that uric acid and gout can be eliminated completely?

The liver produces uric acid and the kidneys are the ones in charge of eliminating it through urine.  Now this means that if any of these are failing, uric acid can become a problem and gout may start to appear.

Aching conditions such as gout and kidney stones affect a large number of people all around the world.  Fortunately, both can be well controlled simply by making a few modifications to our daily routines.

So now come to the point of what you can do to eliminate gout and uric acid naturally to keep your liver and kidneys healthy now and for years to come.

Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment

You Need a Kidney Cleanse

There are a large number of people who feel surprised when we tell them that their kidneys make it or break it when it comes to gout.

Our kidneys are the organs responsible for extreme all that uric acid that is being produced by our livers.  If our kidneys are not functioning properly, it's practically impossible to see any progress with uric acid excretion or gout.

Remember that the key lies in kidney and liver function.  Now if this is true, you might imagine what the first step should be.  It's basically making your kidneys the right tools to make you eliminate gout.

Now you need natural kidney cleansers, parsley, lemon juice, celery, and horsetail, all these help.

We suggest you make an effort to consume them maybe as juice, maybe as tea, maybe as an extract, it doesn't really matter.

Your kidneys will be able to use them just as well.  And by the way, these are all natural home remedies that you can use to help those kidneys excrete every substance that needs to be eliminated.

Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Avoid High Purine Content Foods

The key to gout if you really want to see uric acid disappear, lies also in reducing the consumption of uric acid-forming foods, and being able to excrete them which was the first step.  These foods are usually known as foods with a high purine content.

So you'd have to try to avoid fatty red meat, shellfish, and small fish, including sardines, mushrooms, organ meats, Peas, lentils, and spinach.

If you put some effort and putting it into practice this single step alone will get you a lot better.

Causes and Cures For Gout

Lots of Cherries and Lemons

Cherries and lemons are two of the most effective foods anyone could possibly have to get rid of.

Uric acid and gout what both of these do are, alkalize our body and our system to help those kidneys excrete uracil, and uric acid more easily through urine.

Just so you know uric acid is a substance of free transit through the kidneys.  Meaning it can go in and out as it pleases.

And science is still unclear on how cherries and lemons help uric acid be excreted because it's a free transit what is true is that kidneys have an easier time filtering out uric acid when the blood is slightly alkaline.

A 2017 research study found that lemon juice for example in lemon extract helps lower uric acid levels in the blood of patients with uric acid levels that drank freshly squeezed lemon juice and cherry juice for six weeks had great results.

Now another of the most comprehensive studies on gout and cherries was conducted in 2012.  This study looked at more than 600 participants with gout.

And researchers found that consuming at least 10 cherries per day reduced the risk of gout attacks by almost thirty-five percent which in some cases is better than medication.

So go ahead and use them, use them as a drink, maybe if you want to eat them, go ahead and use them all you can the way you want them.

Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment

You Need Exercise

There's something truly magical that happens when you exercise, and that's it's not only muscles and bones.

Science has still not been able to figure out why there's a direct relationship between uric acid excretion and exercise, but it really works.

Most patients who take a more natural approach see great changes when they start exercising in their daily routines.

We would say that you definitely need at least thirty minutes of exercise regardless do whether you can walk, swim, or run, any exercise is better than none.

Now at the same time, you obviously can't forget to eat the right foods and take the right supplements, it all goes together.

Causes and Cures For Gout

Celery Juice or Celery Seed Extract

Celery is truly a very powerful vegetable.  We know celery seed extract and celery juice have been shown to be very effective at decreasing uric acid buildup in the body.

Several researchers have acknowledged dozens of various kinds of antioxidants that are accountable for the health benefits of celery.

These might include phenolic acids, Caffeic acid, Ferulic Acid, and Flavonols or Quercetin.

And by the way, this makes celery useful for treating.  A wide variety of health conditions including gout or uric acid formation maybe even joint pain, arthritis, kidney and liver infections, and skin disorders anything you want.

And again you can use it as juice, maybe celery juice, every day, or you can use or buy celery seed extract as a supplement that work.  They are really effective and you can use them all you want with no side effects.

Gout Causes Symptoms And Treatment

Avoid Sugar Beer and Alcohol

Scientists still don't understand the relationship between sugar, especially sugar, alcohol, beer, and uric acid.

A recent study showed that men who consumed two or more sugary drinks per day were eighty-five percent more likely to develop gout than men who did not consume that amount of sugar.

And the same thing happens with alcohol.  Alcohol turns into sugar and then aggravates uric acid also.

Now there's a specific type of alcoholic beverage that really makes things worse and that's beer.  It has maybe pure content and cannot be consumed that much.

So, Instead of consuming sugary drinks, alcohol, and beer, you need to drink other things whatever you want, and try to consume water with it in case still you feel sugary.  Water is the one that's going to obviously excrete uric acid with that substance in it.

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.



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