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5 Foods To Avoid Arthritis, Foods That Trigger Arthritis Pain

5 Foods To Avoid Arthritis, Foods That Trigger Arthritis Pain


Arthritis joint pains are one of the most annoying and common health conditions in existence.  If you are suffering from arthritis joint pains you probably are suffering from a health condition called arthritis which is basically the inflammation of your joints.

Now if you go to a specialist for treatment of arthritis joint pains, he'll give you anti-inflammatory medicines and something to deal with arthritis joint pains.

What he will never do is, tell you about RA healthy foods or Paddison diet or what are the 5 foods to avoid arthritis that are responsible for worsening your health condition.  This is a secret, doctors are only now starting to comprehend.

So in this health info article, we shall discuss what 5 foods to avoid arthritis to make sure arthritis joint pains disappears and arthritis reverses naturally and effectively.

Arthritis joint pains can be terrible, especially if you are an active person who needs to rely on movement for your work and daily activities.

This health condition causes pain and damage to your joints, your bones, and other parts of your body, depending on the type of condition you have.

As the medical field doesn't know that much about it, for example, they don't know what type of foods are the ones responsible for or influencing some of the factors that accelerate or reverse arthritis in patients who suffer from this condition.

This is a secret you need to know if you really want to treat it naturally.

So now let’s discuss what foods that trigger arthritis pain you should be avoiding daily to make sure arthritis joint pains disappears and arthritis reverses naturally and effectively.

Number One: Salty or Salt Rich Foods

Eliminating salt and salt-rich foods is a good strategy for patients suffering from arthritis joint pains.  Now when we mention Salty foods, we are also referring to foods that usually come in a processed form like for example canned soup, pizza, certain cheeses, processed meats, shrimp, and other processed items, very important.

A research study on mice concluded that arthritis was extra severe in mice who were fed with a salt-rich diet than in those who were fed with low salt diets on the other hand.

Almost two months mouse trial revealed that a low salt diet reverses and decreases the severity of rheumatoid arthritis by comparing it with high salts diets in these animals.

Mice on low salt diets had less cartilage breakdown and bone destruction as well as a lower inflammatory marker on their blood.

It has been observed how patients improve avoiding primarily processed meats sausages etc., so try to avoid them where you are also avoiding the foods that trigger arthritis pain.

Obviously, there is a need for additional research on this subject but for the time being, you can just try to eliminate the salt-rich eatables, foods and notice the positive difference.


Number Two: Added Sugars

Everybody knows we should be limiting ourselves from sugar consumption, but especially if we have arthritis joint pains.

Added sugars are found in candy, soda, ice cream, and numerous other foods including for example less obvious items like barbecue, sauces, etc.

And there is a research study with 270 patients who were suffering from rheumatoid arthritis noted that among 20 foods, sugar-sweetened soda and desserts were the most frequently reported to have and waning the situations of these patients.

Besides all these what's much noticeable thing is how sugar-rich drinks and beverages can drastically raise the chances for arthritis joint pains that is undoubtedly a reality.

There is something that happens with sugar and that is still not understood by the medical community.

There is no doubt that food is very important and has a very important effect on your body, denying this would be like simply saying that we don't need food to live.

This is how researchers revealed a significant relationship between joint pains and foods.

Number Three: Red Meat

If you certainly dream to get cured of arthritis osteoarthritis Bone and Joint pains you indeed need to avoid eating red meat from your routine diet.

Diets that are heavy on red meat, demonstrate high levels of inflammatory markers like interleukin-6 or c-reactive protein and homocysteine.

It might possibly be due to the higher production of uric acid. Because when we consume red meat which by the way may directly affect our joints, so it is also very key to this process.

One research studying 270 people with arthritis found that red meat commonly and frequently worsens this problem.

This condition, on the other hand, is a plant-based diet especially, one that has an abundant amount of celery for example decreases joint pain and the effect of red meat on the body.

We suggest you juice on celery and green apples.  If you have you have a chance it is very effective.

Number Four: No Alcohol

No alcohol and especially no beer, if you are drinking alcohol and beer things are not going to get better if you really want to see joint and bone pain disappear.

You need to stay away from alcohol. Anyone with inflammatory arthritis should definitely restrict the consumption of any type of alcohol, especially beer.

And to prove this a research study with 278 people with axial spondyloarthritis which is joint pain on the spinal cord and the sacroiliac joints down here tied alcohol intake to increased spinal damage and injury.

It has been widely observed that how beer, for example, worsens this condition and it really does, it's very harsh on the body, and all of this not mentioning how chronic alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk for osteoarthritis is very key.

Number Five: Bread and Gluten

This is a secret most people don't know about bread and gluten diets have been frequently seen to worsen joint and bone pain all over the body.

Gluten is a protein, found in wheat in barley rye, etc., which has been linked to an increase of inflammation.

People who try to avoid gluten found in bread pasta cakes etc. have been seen to ease arthritis symptoms, and you can give it a try.

What's even more impressive is how people who suffer from celiac disease for example are at a considerably higher risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis.

If you ask some qualified nutritionists about it, they have seen how staying bread-free makes a very good difference.

What we have also observed is, how this improves your thyroid health which at the same time improves your joints and your locomotion this is something no doctor will ever tell you.

Your thyroid is crucial, is a very crucial part of your joint inflammation and something that you need to keep your bones healthy, and for that same reason, it's still unknown why but it does happen why your thyroid is so directly connected to your joint pain or inflammation that you might be suffering.

This very small but very powerful gland in the front of your neck produces thyroid hormones that control your energy production and balance out the entire body including your bones and your joints.

Thanks for reading this health info article.  If you have found it informative then put your comments down below and keep sharing this with your friends and family.


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