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Organic Parsley Herb in Smoothies, Juice, Parsley For UTI and Kidneys

Organic Parsley Herb in Smoothies, Juice, Parsley For UTI and Kidneys

Why is it that all of us tend to overlook the common use of vegetables like organic Parsley herb for example?

If we knew the power and how powerful these simple vegetables especially organic parsley were, we would most definitely use them every single day at home.

The worst part is that many of us might have them right now in our refrigerator, but we don't use it or we don't know how to use them.

Organic Parsley herb for example can be used for many things in medicine, like cleaning our kidneys, promoting bone health, boosting immune function, fighting skin cancer, and much more.

So in this health info article, we shall discuss some of the most incredible health benefits and uses of organic parsley as tea and juice and how to use it on a daily basis.

Organic Parsley herb is one of the cheapest vegetables in the market.  Its distinct smell makes it hard to use it in everyday meals, but this is a huge mistake.

Organic Parsley herb has been well recognized for thousands of years as a source of vitamins and minerals.  Due to a strong relationship between Parsley and Kidneys, It is known all over the world for being an excellent kidney cleanser for example.

Other reported traditional uses for organic parsley herb include the treatment of diseases of the prostate, the liver, the spleen, organic parsley for UTI, and the list just goes on and on.

The secret lies in knowing what to drink or how to use it maybe organic parsley in smoothies or tea and when to use it every single day.

So now let’s discuss some of the most incredible health benefits of using organic Parsley juice or tea and how to use it on a daily basis.

Number One: Parsley and Kidneys

It is hard to believe that your kidneys filter close to 150 liters of blood per day.  If you think about it they have to extract and filter every single molecule of uric acid oxidation may be toxins or inflammation substances out of your blood and that's not easy to do.

Now the good news is that organic Parsley itself is one of those herbs that are excellent for kidney function, and that’s the reason Parsley and Kidneys or Parsley for UTI both terms are publically famous.

Scientists believe that organic parsley works as a Diuretic due to a mechanism that the plant has to block the reabsorption of sodium and potassium.

This causes more water to flow out of your kidneys promoting a greater urinary volume and a good kidney cleanse and in this way Parsley for UTI is considered supportive to the human body.

In 2002 the Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a research study confirming that organic parsley herb was indeed a Diuretic that could be used safely as claimed for years in folk medicine the ancient Greeks, the Europeans, and the Chinese have all been using it for centuries.

Researchers are also trying to figure out further scientific results about Parsley and Kidney Stones, as Parsley has been observed gaining popularity in terms of being curative in Kidney Stones.

Number Two: Parsley Juice Detoxifies Your Blood

Have you ever stopped and thought about why is it everyone is now starting to juice as a source for health.

Drinking organic Parsley in smoothies, juicing Parsley, or on leafy green vegetables is usually considered to be one of the curative methods to easily detoxify human bodies.

Organic Parsley food for example is loaded with magnesium with potassium with organic compounds important organic compounds that help the liver increase enzyme function and even productivity.

Two of the most important of these are flavonoids in charge of helping the body detoxify and Apigenin which is an antioxidant that is found in organic parsley herb and of course can enhance the productivity of human liver enzymes etc.

Now besides possessing higher ranks as a detoxifying herb, yet organic parsley herb is proved to be a fantastic Diuretic.
It is very important for anyone looking to clean their blood, their liver, their organs, everything, so start using organic parsley juicing.

Number Three: Parsley Straightens Your Bones

The first thing we think about when it is the suitable time to calcify and strain our bones is calcium consumption.

This is an error because our body can do nothing with only calcium, while our body also needs magnesium, it needs Vitamin K, Zinc, and everything.

Now, this is very important, because without those other ingredients you will not have the result you are looking for.

Now organic parsley juice is an excellent source of Vitamin K for example, a Vitamin that has the power to alter that bone structure and make it stronger.

This Vitamin can alter that bone matrix and play an extremely important role in the calcium absorption you have.

The best news is that one serving of an average size of organic parsley juice contains almost 600 percent of all the Vitamin K you need every single day.

One single cup of organic parsley prevents that Vitamin K deficiency and helps calcify your blood if you have calcium in that daily consumption.

Number Four: Parsley Improves Your Eyesight

The worst part about it is that you really don't know when you are losing your sight until it’s too late.  So drinking maybe juicing parsley or having some organic parsley tea which by the way is delicious, and is an excellent way of obtaining every single vitamin, and nutrient you need to develop that eagle vision, which of course you need and definitely something that is very effective.

You see new scientific studies have seen how organic parsley herb can stimulate the tiny blood vessels that we have surrounding our eyes.

One of the main reasons why we might lose our vision is exactly the irrigation of our eyes.

Organic Parsley herb for example contains a good amount of beta-carotene, which is considered to be excellent for eye health, partially is also recommended for people who are struggling to keep their blood sugar in check.  And people with diabetes for example which by the way is the number one cause of problems in our eyes.

So if you need something for your eyes try taking organic parsley, better yet if you can include it in a supplement form for overall vision look for a suitable one from any trusted source.

Number Five: Parsley Straightens Your Immune System

One thing we suggest you do is to use organic parsley tea as a source for immune function.  Most people don't know that organic parsley is packed with magnesium and potassium but on top of this is filled with Vitamin K, Vitamin C and both are very important vitamins by the way for immune function.

As we’ve mentioned earlier Vitamin K promotes bone health and incredible amounts of Vitamin C contained in organic parsley serve as an excellent immune booster at the same time the amount of Vitamin C contained in parsley is simply spectacular.

Most people don't know this what we suggest you do is prepare yourself maybe a juice something you can juice on which parsley can be one of those ingredients or tea maybe you can use tea anything you want to use parsley.

It's always something that will help you with Vitamin C content.  It's an excellent source of beta-carotene and antioxidant maybe you know for combat and free radicals and deaccelerating the aging process.

Number Six: Parsley Helps Cure Joint Pain and Arthritis

Parsley is especially helpful when combined with Celery as a juice and is spectacular for bone pain, joint pain, and arthritis.

You see organic Parsley contains around twelve different identified anti-inflammatory substances that can be used to combat joint conditions and inflammation.

Organic Parsley flavonoids for example especially Luteolin we think that's how you pronounce it, have been shown to work very efficiently against antioxidants that prevent that basic free radical damage in our cells.

A research study on this subject revealed that the foods which are considered to be Vitamin C rich including the Parsley delivered the humans with that expected defense against rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory polyarthritis.

So if you suffer from any type of inflammatory condition may be joint pain, bone pain, arthritis, polyarthritis, you name it, include organic Parsley in your meals even better if you add celery or if you can turmeric which nothing beats this combination.

There are several other health benefits of Parsley that will be discussed in our upcoming articles for example Parsley and weight loss, Parsley and Kidney Stones, etc.

Thanks for reading this full of health info article.  If you have found it informative then, kindly share it with your friends and family.


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