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Nutrition and Immune Function, High Immunity Foods Immunity High Foods

Nutrition and Immune Function, High Immunity Foods, Immunity High Foods

What is the secret to survival?  Today is it really something you can apply on your arm to make sure that your body can respond to a disease.

If you pay close attention and actually look at the data collected, the ones who have a greater chance of success are the ones that have a strong immune function.

We should be focusing on taking something may be food or a supplement that can make sure that our immune cells have all the tools necessary to keep us healthy.

So, in the next few lines, we’ll be going to reveal five of the top foods and supplements you can take daily to make sure that your immune function keeps you healthy, regardless of your health condition.

We are absolutely nothing without our immune system.  Think about it.  Any infection as small as it can be can literally kill you.  Now our immune system needs our help in order for us to stay healthy.

It needs healthy food sources it needs vitamins minerals and even supplements that we can take for it to use as weapons as it might need.

So this health fitness article will cover the top energy foods and supplements you can take daily to make sure that your immune function keeps you healthy regardless of your health condition.

Nutrition and Immune Function

Vitamin D and Immune System

Vitamin D is the vitamin of life, and sadly enough we don't think of it as something that important.  Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient, meaning it is carried around in fat or on cholesterol just.

So, you know vitamin D enhances the pathogen fighting effects of our monocytes or macrophages, put simply white cells that are very important for immune defense.

Some research studies have shown results that supplementing along with Vitamin D can enhance immune response.

And there's no doubt to that in fact recent scientific research suggests that taking this Vitamin may protect us against respiratory tract infections if that rinse a bell.

Just in 2019 a review that randomized the control study of 11,000 people that were supplementing on vitamin D proved that it could decrease the risk of respiratory tract infections in people deficient in this vitamin as well as lower the risk of other conditions.

And the best part is that believe it or not this is probably the easiest Vitamin we can get of hold of it makes it's very convenient to make and very easy for you to get it.

The only thing you need in order to get enough vitamin D is sunlight.  Believe it or not, sunlight that's it.  15 minutes of morning sunlight or afternoon sunlight rays is enough for your body to make all the vitamin D it needs.

And obviously even better if you can supplement on it or take it as a food source.  Maybe if you need a high-quality natural formula a non-synthetic vitamin source that comes with 250 percent of what you need daily as Vitamin D look for multivitamins from an internet search.


Nutrition and Immune Function

Lemon Water Every Morning

This is something most people know about but do not practice.  So citrus fruits maybe oranges grapefruits lemons are all excellent sources of vitamin C, an excellent ally to improve our immune function apart from improving our immune function lemons specifically are loaded with antioxidants that can help fight off inflammation.  And at the same time improve and promote immunity.

One of the best ways to obtain a daily dose of lemons is by drinking lemon water every morning, that's it.  That's all you need maybe in the morning before breakfast.

A review of several studies in the annals of nutrition and metabolism noted that getting enough vitamin c can help reduce the duration and the severity of respiratory tract infections and any disease.

Some studies even link vitamin c to the prevention of malaria, diarrhea, and even pneumonia and can even improve the outcome of those suffering from all of these conditions.  And others like diabetes heart disease you name it.

By the way, Vitamin C is a powerful very powerful antioxidant that can protect your immune cells by neutralizing free radicals and keeping the body free of infections even before it happens.

If you have difficulty using citrus fruits or lemons every morning, explore the internet for a high-quality Vitamin C source something that is natural, not synthetic.

Nutrition and Immune Function


You cannot be well defended without Zinc.  This vital mineral that's naturally present in some foods and available obviously as a dietary supplement is crucial for immune function.

Zinc is so important that it's required for the catalytic activity of more than 100 enzyme functions in the body including your immune system.

Zinc improves immune function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division even very important for body function overall.

And there's a secret that we want to share with you right now, and here it is.  If you have a cold for example you get sick with a fever or diarrhea.  Whatever infection you might have.

Take a zinc supplement.  Zinc is essential when it comes to the normal development and function of our immune cells and any cell in the matter.

This mineral is so critical that even a mild deficiency can impair that immune function and increase the risk of bacterial viral and parasitic infections.

For example in clinical studies, it was discovered that Zinc has the power to restore our natural killer cell activity and obviously it resists infections in any part of the body.  This is a very important nutrient and you should be having at least something with Zinc.

Nutrition and Immune Function


Artemisinin is a plant-derived compound extracted from a traditional Chinese medicine herb and plant called artemisia anua.

This plant is a herb a type of wormwood which has been studied for scientific by the scientific community to help treat malaria and other conditions and even viral infections.

The good news is that artemisinin has become very popular among cancer patients also.  Because it's believed to help fight off this disease.

Also, research has indicated that there's a compound that could inhibit the growth of cancer tumors and even prevent metastasis by this herb.

Now the best part is, it's also incredibly useful when it comes to inhibiting the replication of viruses.


Nutrition and Immune Function


Did you know that a large proportionate of your immune system is located in your intestines or on your intestines?  And this is because our immune cells have to be careful with everything you're eating and ingesting every single day.

You see your immune cells are 100% alert to any harmful substance that needs to be taken care of anything that goes inside your body.

Now another important fact that plays a huge role in immune function is the fact that probiotics make close to four pounds of the total body cell activity.

Several studies have seen that there's an incredible benefit of probiotics or taking probiotics for immune function.

These bacteria have the power to block pathogenic effects produce substances that neutralize toxins outgrow other harmful organisms like for example candida and increase the body's immunity to external infections.

And believe it or not, probiotics can also have and be used to improve several other health conditions like allergies, psoriasis, rhinitis, respiratory problems, constipation, you name it lots more, and obviously, you'll never know how good they are until you try them.

Thanks for reading this Health fitness Article, if you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your loved ones.


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