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Thyroid Friendly Diet, What is the best diet plan for Hypothyroidism | Hashimoto's Disease

What is the best diet to lose weight with Hashimoto's disease


Thyroid friendly diet and what is the best diet for someone with hypothyroidism will be the main topics of this health related article.  

Millions if not billions of people suffer from poor thyroid function every single day.  The worst part is that these individuals are usually the ones that feel always tired overweight suffering from insomnia depression brittle nails and even hair loss.

This does not even mention how much digestion, skin conditions can become an issue so constipation, bloating, dry skin you name it.

In other words, if your thyroid is not working, all hell breaks loose.  Now if it is working you feel fantastic healthy young and full of energy all the time.

So in this health info article, we shall be discussing natural ways to improve thyroid function in three simple steps to make your body feel healthier, more energetic, and free of Hashimoto's disease.

Thyroid problems are a lot more common than you think, we dare to say one in every three of us has a sluggish thyroid function.

In fact, on many occasions, poor thyroid function isn't diagnosed.  Because your lab results of thyroid function test come out normal, but you still need a little bit more of that thyroid activity within that normal range to feel the way you need to fatigue, hair loss, depression, weight gain, feelings of cold in your hands and feet, constipation, changes in the menstrual cycle, and much more.

So in this health related article, we shall try to describe how you can heal your thyroid in three simple steps to make your body feel healthier more energetic, and free of Hashimoto's disease.


Step No. 1:

What Are The Foods To Avoid For Thyroid.

Your thyroid believe it or not is very sensitive to certain foods and most people don't know about this.

This is one of the main reasons why you might be feeling tired after eating certain types of meals in your meals.

You might be including foods that are blocking thyroid function and you still haven't noticed that.  So wheat is the first one, if you pay close attention you might have noticed how people who stop eating wheat magically start losing weight without even going on a diet.

This is because wheat has organic compounds that block T3 and T4 hormones, thyroid hormones the same ones that are in charge of accelerating your metabolic rate and helping you lose weight.

Now if you limit your weed consumption, it's a lot easier for your thyroid to go back to normal.

So remember, the first recombination is to avoid wheat or even gluten-containing products, these can all block your thyroid and worsen your condition, beads, pasta, cookies, pizza, anything that contains only wheat.

The second group of food you need to try to eliminate or even reduce is Goitrogen Foods.

Goitrogen Foods are basically foods that block thyroid function some of the most common goats foods include for example those brassica vegetables including broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, soy, and all of these in this group of foods.

All these vegetables impact thyroid function because they contain goitrogens, the molecules that impair thyroid peroxidases and won't help you heal at all.  So try to avoid them.

Now if you really want to consume them, we suggest at least you steam them for 30 minutes before eating.  The thyroid is very sensitive to these types of foods. 

Now the third group of foods is actually, tap water, we don't know if you knew this, but most tap water contains Fluorine which is an element known to be an endocrine disruptor or in simple terms disrupts your thyroid.

Chlorine is the other very important mineral or element found in tap water that also inhibits iodine absorption.  Iodine is the core component found in thyroid hormones and needs to be present in order for your thyroid to function.

So it's very important to try to stay away from tap water and try to consume naturally filtered water especially if you need something effective that can help you improve thyroid function that not only contains every single vitamin and mineral you need for proper thyroid health but also supplements and natural ingredients to improve its health overall.

Step No. 2:

What is the best diet plan for Hypothyroidism

As you can see the thyroid glands are very sensitive to food.  Many substances can either block its function or even speed it up a little bit in the healing process, so pay close attention to the foods we are about to mention.

The first one which is by far the most important in this article is seaweed.  Seaweed is the best natural source for Iodine, and it helps prevent deficiencies that disrupt the thyroid.

In any way, you see the most common cause for hypothyroidism in the world is iodine deficiency.

The second group of foods that you need to consider is Probiotic-rich foods.  Probiotics are extremely important for thyroid function, many people don't know this.

You see a healthy digestive system should be filled with good bacteria.  Bacteria that can provide vitamins, mineral absorption, and the correct immune responses to the gut lining are called Gout.

Gastro lymphoid tissue the most common cause for autoimmune-related hypothyroidism and thyroid problems starts in your gut without probiotic or probiotic flora, which actually helps you Hashimoto's disease, for example, is exactly this.

We strongly suggest you start consuming Probiotic-rich food or even supplements such as kefir, maybe organic goats milk yogurt, fermented vegetables all these works.

Probiotics help create a healthy gut environment reduce autoimmune conditions against thyroid balance and function and improve that microflora content.  This reduces at the same time leaky gut syndrome, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, autoimmune reactions found in Hashimoto's hypothyroidism.

Step No. 3:

You Need Supplements

Supplements are a very important part of thyroid health and not just your thyroid but your entire body.  They're so important in fact that we've seen several patients with hyperthyroidism cured entirely just by using supplements.

So for example iodine.  Iodine is number one in thyroid function and any cause of hypothyroidism for that matter what is being recommended for you, in this case, is to find yourself good quality kelp or bladder rack supplement like algae.

Some algae can provide natural iodine sources that you find in nature.  One thing to watch out for is however that by any chance if you're a hypertensive patient you have high blood pressure you need to be careful about taking iodine supplements selenium is the second mineral you should be taking as a supplement formula or in supplement form.

Your thyroid is the organ with the highest concentration of selenium in the entire body, so you can imagine how important this mineral can be.

Iodine and selenium are necessary for the production of T3 hormones and can also be the ones responsible for reducing an autoimmune condition caused by Hashimoto's disease, so very important.

And the last supplement source is the herb Ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha is a well-known adaptogenic herb that helps reduce the body's response to stress and helps every single gland.

And your thyroid thrives this herb can lower cortisol and balance t4 levels.  Clinical trials for the supplementation of ashwagandha for eight weeks have worked very well, and there's no reason why you should not try it.

Thanks for reading this health related article.  If you have found it informative then, kindly share it with your loved ones.


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