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Fresh Or Dried Herbs, Dried Vs Fresh Herbs Uses, Benefits, Medicinally

Fresh Or Dried Herbs, Dried Vs Fresh Herbs Uses, Benefits, Medicinally

Using Dried Or Fresh What is Better


Fresh Or Dried Herbs

This health info article is about using herbs medicinally or Herbs Medicinal Uses.  Is it best to use them dried or to use them fresh?

Well! A lot of it's going to depend on the herb itself.  For example, elderberries are not best for you when they're picked fresh and used.

Because they can be hard on the gut and do have a slight toxicity level, especially if you're talking red elderberries. Black elderberries are safer and are better because the color means they're higher in antioxidants.

But those should be dried and or cooked, and the same will apply to many other herbs, some are going to be better if you dry them first or cook them in some way.

And wild lettuce is one of those.  It should be cooked down before using rather than eating fresh.  Though some people can handle it some people cannot.  Then one of the other things you have to consider is what time of the year it is.

Obviously, if it's the middle of winter, and you need a pain remedy you can't go out in your garden and pick fresh catnip and fever fuel like we do during the times that those are growing to help curb a headache and other types of pain.

So, having some dried herbs on hand to either make a tea, which you really don't want to do with fresh leaves.  Because it's very bitter or making an extract is very important to get you through the full year.  And the same applies to nasturtium leaves.

nasturtium-leaves-healthnfitnessadvise.blogspot.comWe like using nasturtium leaves there are many great natural antibiotics out there. 

Nasturtium leaves are just most people’s favorite.  We have a whole list of natural antibiotics.

So we have just one pain one for stress and anxiety one for helping promote hair growth and there's some more out there.

And we'll have more coming but anyway nasturtium these are the favorite.  But not, they're not the only herb, but when these are growing fresh we've got them coming in and we feel like there's a possibility we might need a little bit of an antibiotic or just any kind of boost to our system.

We‘re going to eat the leaf fresh, so let's say you're growing nasturtiums and those leaves are coming in fresh and you've got an infection of some sort or you suspect you have an infection.

Eat one or two leaves every hour until that clears up.  But if it's in the middle of winter you're not going to have fresh nasturtium leaves to go out there and pick and take care of that so having dried ones on hand is very important.

So then that brings us to the next question about making an extract

can you make an extract out of fresh herbs rather than dried?

Yes, you can, but it's going to depend on how you make it.

So high proof preservatives when you're using fresh herbs is going to be the best way to extract and preserve that for a longer period of time than using any other kind of means.

Yes we can pick these fresh we can put them in a jar but in that case, we will use a high-profile preserving agent.  If we're going to do fresh herbs.

So you have to remember these things all have moisture content in them.

So, as such that's going to water down the extract when you're using the fresh herbs, now yes fresh herbs generally saying are going to be higher in certain nutrients and benefits than dried herbs.

But then again in its dried form, it's more condensed.  So, that means then when you go to make the extract out of it, you can get a stronger extract and thus you can also reduce the unwanted content.

When you go to make that extract. You can use honey and water the honey is going to preserve it really well.

But you're also going to get a stronger extract.  Generally telling using the dried herbs rather than using the fresh herbs just going to get a better result that way.

So, it really depends on the herb, the solvent you're using, and the time of the year.

So these are the things that are all going to come into play.  Now in the summertime same thing, it goes when we’re making teas also known as infusions when you're talking herbs whenever we have herbs coming in fresh like our favorite throughout the summer normally is peppermint.

But we really got hooked on the fresh thyme tea.  We like to use fresh thyme when we’re making the tea and we'll just pick it straight from the garden put it in the pot and brew our tea.

But it's going to take up more volume in the teapot than if we were using dried.  But when it comes to thyme tea we find the flavor is best when we’re using fresh Peppermint.

We can use fresh or dried and we can get the same flavor.  But yes when it's coming in fresh we use it fresh for making teas any of the herbs we’re going to make teas out of as long as it's available for us to pick straight from the garden.

We'll make tea out of it, then the rest of the year if we’re going to use it in a tea we’re using our dried herbs that we put up to get us through that time of the year when it's not coming in fresh so that's your teas.

Now let's talk about oil infusions.  When it comes to oil infusions a couple of things that we just brought out.

For example, what we’re going to use in our oil infusions will be our honeysuckle flowers, or our calendula flowers, plantain leaves, yarrow leaves, dandelion flowers, and much more.

For making infused oils for various things when it comes to oils yes you must use dried herbs.

You don't want any moisture content in that oil when you're infusing it.  That's where you're more likely to have issues with botulism which again we don't always let the botulism thing scare us away from a bunch of stuff.

But we still want to play it safe, so when it comes to infusing oils use dried garlic not fresh, use dried oregano not fresh, and so on.

And so forth your dried herbs are going to be best, and again you're also more likely to get a stronger solution, a stronger oil when you're using the dried.

So, we hope we’ve explained the herbs utilization as being fresh or dried they all have their place they all, and they both have their benefits and it just depends on how and when you're using it.

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