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BP Control Food, Good Foods To Lower Blood Pressure, BP Home Remedies

BP Control Food, Good Foods To Lower Blood Pressure, BP Home Remedies


High blood pressure can be dangerous, especially if it's out of control anywhere between 150 and 200.  This is when you need to do something fast to make sure that high blood pressure doesn't cause you any other complications including for example a heart attack a stroke and conditions that have the potential of leaving you crippled without you even knowing it.

So in this health info article, we’re reviewing how you can lower your high blood pressure fast and keep it that way to make sure that you stay healthy now and for years to come.

Before recurring to the use of pharmaceutical drugs why is high blood pressure such a big deal?

Is it really that serious the answer is yes, it is, and this is why high blood pressure but most importantly uncontrolled high blood pressure can cause kidney failure a heart attack a stroke, and many other serious health conditions?

High blood pressure is very serious and many people don't consider it dangerous simply because sometimes it won't give you any symptoms it's the first cause of death worldwide and needs to be taken seriously.

So in here, we’re going to reveal how you can lower your high blood pressure fast and keep it that way to make sure that you stay healthy now and for years to come.



BP Control Food

Peppermint tea

Strong well-prepared peppermint tea is a secret that is one of the most effective BP home remedies you can use to reduce your high blood pressure.  And many people don't know this.

We've seen how it works and we can tell you that it really is effective.  Now if we mention mint or peppermint tea we’re talking about a very strong concentration of this tea.

If you drink it close to black in color and you drink it for example in an entire glass.  You will see that high blood pressure will decrease in no time very fast.

Now obviously you can also have mint tea on a daily basis, that is not so black or not so concentrated and it will obviously help you with your blood pressure.

It dilates vessels improve circulation and even helps you go to the bathroom, helps you urinate, and by the way, the most effective treatment against blood pressure, in general, is the one that you can take every single day without stopping.

If you need something effective, you can use it every single day to make sure that your blood pressure stays stable.



BP Control Food


Garlic is another fabulous natural substance anyone can use to reduce high blood pressure and reduce it fast.  In this case, garlic can be taken ground for better effect or you know with your foods even better.

If you find yourself a good quality extract that is even more effective just so you know garlic has also shown to be effective at reducing other conditions inside the body, not just blood pressure but also, for example, cholesterol, triglycerides, and even blood sugar.

Now a special type of garlic, Kyolic Garlic which is simply a fancy name for saying aged garlic has also shown to be promising against cardiovascular health conditions reducing arterial stiffness cholesterol blood stickiness, and high blood pressure.

Allicin which is the main active component of Garlic is thought to be largely responsible for garlic's blood pressure-lowering properties.

Research study proposes that Allicin might avoid the construction of angiotensin that is a composite responsible for raising blood pressure all over the body.

So take it if you can, go ahead and ground it.  Make sure that you're taking an extract, and it will reduce your blood pressure fast.  If you want to use it for a more permanent effect go ahead and add it to your foods.

Go ahead and take it as a supplement.  Consuming garlic every day it's not only good for blood pressure but for many other health conditions also.


BP Control Food

Eliminate Salt

And eat potassium-rich foods increasing potassium consumption and reducing sodium is probably one of the most effective things you should be doing every day not just now for lowering blood pressure.

Let's look at potassium first, this mineral is a double winner because it has the power to lessen the effect of salt in our system and decrease tension inside our blood vessels.

Some of the best sources of potassium are fruits and vegetables, and we have them everywhere including avocados, bananas, oranges, sweet potatoes, spinach juice very important.

Now the opposite of cures if you consume sodium too much, sodium you see sodium is known for carrying water to being absorbent of water and this means that if you're looking to reduce water content inside your body to reduce blood pressure then you need to stay away from salt from sodium any type of salt.

The National Institute for Health recommends using very low salt content or using a dash diet which stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension, this basically consists of lowering foods that contain salt eating whole grains, fewer sweets, less red meat, and more fruits and vegetables that's basically it.



BP Control Food


What on earth does eating a watermelon have to do with high blood pressure. If you think about it even it may be the opposite, well! believe it or not, watermelon is a fabulous diuretic very important for anyone looking to lower blood pressure.

This fruit contains an amino acid called citrulline which helps manage high blood pressure.  Basically, citrulline helps the body produce nitric oxide which is a gas that relaxes blood vessels and encourages flexibility inside our arteries.

And to see its effect you have to try it, there's no other way its effect aid in blood flow and can lower high blood pressure, but also act as a diuretic apart from relaxing our blood vessels.

It helps eliminate water retention, which is also very important.  It reduces the volume of blood within the heart that obviously the blood has to pump and reduces the pressure within.

We really suggest you look for something that you can take daily to eliminate water retention.  Something that must contain similar nutrients like in this fruit which makes your kidneys work faster, starts and makes them stay healthy, and reduces blood pressure.

Something that should contain maybe horsetail herb etc., and other ingredients to make sure that your kidneys are also functioning and make sure that your heart is functioning as well.

And keep in mind that watermelon is not suitable for diabetic patients, we have discussed it in our other article.

BP Control Food

Juice on Spinach

And kale juicing on spinach and kale specifically might be disgusting or sound disgusting.  But believe it, it can save your life you see in an emergency you shouldn't be really worrying about how good anything is tasting, you need something that is very effective for that matter.

Now the secret about leafy greens is that they contain nitrates vegetables that are rich in nitrate, helping manage blood pressure.  They're very effective at reducing BP.

This is basically why you hear your doctor tell you all the time you need fruits and vegetables you need to eat healthily you need spinach you need kale.

So, go ahead and make a spinach and kale juice, in particular, that is rich in potassium content and potassium will relax the tension within your blood vessels and arteries enhancing blood flow and bringing down that elevated blood pressure. 

You need to do it fast, so now you know bottoms up and try to use everything we’ve mentioned in this full of health info article to help you out controlling your Blood Pressure.

Thanks for reading this health info article, if you have found it informative, then share it with your loved ones.


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