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Best Source For Collagen, Gelatein, Skin Natural Collagen Rich Foods,

Hydrolyzed Beef Collagen - Type 1 and 3 Bovine Collagen


Best Source For Collagen, Gelatein, Natural Collagen Rich Foods are the main points this health-related article will put light on.  Have you ever wondered what the best sources for collagen are can you make your own collagen?

How about the best food rich in collagen for skin, and foods that can boost your own collagen production.

In this health info article, we shall be discussing the best collagen food sources and the best foods you can take to boost your own collagen production.

Collagen is famous, it's the most abundant protein in the body especially type 1 collagen for example, which is found in our muscles, bones, skin, blood vessels, digestive system, and even tendons.

It's what helps give the skin our strength and elasticity and replaces dead skin cells.  Now nowadays it's greatly used for beauty and health all around and in simple terms, it's considered to be the glue that keeps our body all holding together very well.

So where can we find it?  Can we make it by ourselves?  Or can we prepare it at home?

So in the next few words, we are about to discuss the best collagen food sources and the best foods you can consume to boost your own collagen production.

Number One: Best Source For Collagen

Bovine collagen for example is the first source of collagen known all over the world.  It's known as Jello or Gelatin.

Gelatin is you can say a profile of hydrolyzed beef collagen that means this is fundamentally a chunk or a packed up collagen that you can utilize.

Bovine collagen can be explained as organically arising protein discovered within cartilage in the bones and hides of cows.  This type of collagen is very similar to what we have in our bodies and provides a healthy dose of type 1 and 3 bovine collagen.

These two types of collagen are the major components of most of the issues we have in our system such as the skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and so forth.

Now incredibly type 1 and 3 bovine collagen makes up almost more than ninety percent of the collagen we have in our bodies and therefore very useful.

So what we suggest you do is start consuming it naturally by yourself.  Some bovine collagen maybe if you want to do it at home you can do it yourself as bone broth or even consumed as Jello.

The second type of collagen very important one is fish collagen.  Fish collagen is known to be the best collagen out there that we can consume and fish collagen is known for being the best in absorption and bioavailability we can consume basically.

Because it comes in smaller particles and is easier to absorb.  Now, this particular kind of collagen is absorbed almost 1.5 times extra efficiently inside the human body than some other kinds of collagen.

It has a superior bioavailability than for example bovine collagen or porcine collagens.  Now, since it's better absorbed and enters the bloodstream more quickly it's considered to be the best collagen source for medicinal purposes which by the way you can consume anytime if you want.

Now you might ask yourself where does it come from?  Because it's fish.  Well! It's usually extracted from the scales of skin and the bones of fresh or saltwater fish which is then used to create that fish collagen supplement you might be buying in the supermarket.

Now if you want to prepare yourself some collagen, fish collagen at home we suggest you boil down some bones of any fish you might have and drink it as maybe a soup prepared as a soup as dinner, and certainly you won't regret it.

Now the third collagen, very common collagen is chicken collagen.  Believe it or not, chicken collagen is incredibly useful in medicine too because this is the type of protein that is used in many health conditions including for example arthritis, arthrosis, back pain, neck pain, or even pain caused by surgery.

You see chicken collagen works with your body to produce substances that fight off inflammation and pain.

Now the best part to it is that it contains two very important compounds in cartilage regeneration which are chondroitin and glucosamine.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are two very important supplements that are sold out there at a pricy level, and reduce joint pain, reduce arthritis, and inflammation.

But can also be naturally occurring in chicken collagen which you can prepare at home.

Now if you want to consume it naturally, what is being suggested you do is, use up that chicken breast or chicken breast collagen you might have at home make yourself some delicious soup once in a while, and maybe you can use the actual bones of the chicken you are eating.

Because you will produce collagen naturally at home.  Chicken collagen can be consumed in many manners many ways and with amazing benefits for your gut, your immune system, your skin, and much more.

Number Two: Eggshell Membrane Collagen

Another major source of collagen is eggs, and if you observe closely eggs have an inner and outer membrane right between the actual and the egg white.

These two very transparent protein membranes do and provide a very efficient defense mechanism against bacterial invasions of the egg.

Now, these two types of collagen found in these membranes are similar to type 1 and type 5 collagen, but very useful for the human body.

Type 1 collagen for example is found all over their system and is a very strong very strip type of collagen that we can use as a very good ingredient for regenerating our tissues, our skin, and our tendons, and even artery walls, and bones.

Now how can you use it?  Well! Simply extract that membrane.  You can maybe put it in a smoothie, blend it and take it every day, even better if you boil it before any consumption.

Number Three: Collagen Plus Vitamin C Benefits

Citrus fruits don't take or don't contain collagen, but what they do have is contain high amounts of Vitamin C.  And Vitamin C is essential for producing collagen in your body.

Research studies have shown that people who are deficient in Vitamin C are also deficient in collagen.

Now another very important detail to consider is that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can also prevent collagen from being degenerated which in turn also contributes to helping maintain that existing collagen you already have.

So it has a double function you can even choose to buy collagen with Vitamin C hydrolyzed collagen fish collagen the best collagen but with Vitamin C.

Thanks for reading this full of health info article, if you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.



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