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How To Make Your Kidney Healthy Kidney Care Tips On Good Kidney Health

How To Make Your Kidney Healthy Kidney Care Tips For Good Kidney Health


Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

When was the last time you ever thought about your kidneys?  Kidneys take care of us every moment and we never stop to think that they might be needing our help to improve their health and functionality.

In case you didn't know this our kidneys are truly noble organs they won't show any signs of distress or pain until they really can't take it anymore.

Now, this is exactly why you should be doing everything in your power to help them from time to time at least, to make sure that they function every single day of your life.

So in this health fitness article, we shall be going to discuss some of the extremely important things you need to do every day to keep your kidneys healthy now and for years to come.

We all take our kidneys for granted.  We never think of them as the ones responsible for making us look thin, free of water retention, and the ones who help regulate our blood pressure, keep us free of toxins, free of gout stones, etc.

If they stop functioning today, you would literally just have a few days to live.  The secret lies in knowing what things are the most damaging to our kidneys and what we can do to help them to stay healthy.

So now let’s focus on some of the extremely important things you need to do every day to keep your kidneys healthy now and for years to come.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

Reduce Water Retention

Why is it, that water retention is so important?  Think about it.  Well!  Water retention affects circulation, blood pressure, and even beauty.

Many times it's the one responsible even for making us look bigger than what we really are.  This usually happens when our kidneys become less efficient at filtering out water from our system.

So how do we solve this?  How can we help?  Well!  Two very important ways of doing this are done by reducing salt and sugar consumption.

Most people don't know that salt for example has the incredible ability to retain water in our bodies.  This makes our kidneys a lot less efficient in filtering out that water.

Salt and sugar are known for grabbing a hold of water not letting kidneys do their job.  So start by reducing salt and sugar consumption.  If you do this your kidneys will be able to do their job and stay always healthy.

No matter what happens, just trust it, and stay away from French fries, salty foods, snacks, processed meats, all of these are definitely not good for your kidneys' health.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

Measure Your Blood Pressure

How does blood pressure have anything to do with kidney health?  Well!  Just you know it's the first cause of kidney damage to start with.  We forget that our kidneys are the ones that receive all the blood we have to be filtered out appropriately.

If blood pressure is high this aggressive state damages those tiny kidney blood vessels without return.  Now the worst part is that most of the time having high blood pressure doesn't produce any symptoms.

So you don't really know when your kidneys are being damaged, you might have it right now for example and you don't know it.

So if you haven't had your blood checked or your blood pressure checked recently, we suggest you do.  As a matter of fact, it's a good idea to detect it from time to time and make sure it's not high or low and your kidneys are not being damaged by it.

Now if you check your blood pressure and you have a problem with having high blood pressure specifically you need to do something about it.

One thing you can do that helps your kidneys and your blood pressure is take for example horsetail or garlic extract, both are excellent.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

Reduce Your Red Meat Consumption

There's a new important study out of duke university that shocked the world by storm eating red meat may increase your risk for kidney failure, especially in patients who already have a problem with their kidney function, which could also mean that healthy individuals can have that same problem if they eat too much meat in the future.

Now there's no doubt that a good piece of organic red meat is healthy, so, don't get us wrong.  The real problem starts when people abuse its consumption, they eat too much red meat and the kidneys can't take that amount of protein.

Red meat in general including red beef, lamb, maybe pork can be dangerous in the long run if you are consuming too much of these, it is being suggested you swap red meat for other types of protein like fish especially maybe poultry, turkey, chicken, whatever you want but red meat should be kept at a minimum.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

Drink More Water

What is the single most important ingredient our kidneys need to function?  It's obviously water.  Their job is to filter out water with toxins or whatever they can't carry with it.

This means that if you're not drinking enough water you will have kidney problems.  Staying well hydrated helps your kidneys clear that sodium and the toxins out from your blood.  When there is not enough water your kidneys are not able to work there's not enough material they can use to do this.

So drinking plenty of water is also very important.  It's one of the best ways to avoid painful kidney stones for example.  It is obviously especially helpful if you have any problems with having kidney stones not being able to pee enough.  We mean you have to drink water there is no doubt about that.

Now for those who have kidney problems or kidney failure they may need to restrict their fluid intake but for the most part for us that may not have any problems with the kidneys one to two liters of water is okay.

Keeping Your Kidneys Healthy

Stay Slim

Being too heavy raises your blood pressure which is bad for your kidneys, being overweight increases your chances of high blood sugar in your body which also damages your kidneys.

This does not mention how exercise becomes more difficult and health stagnates more easily, everything piles up you see being overweight has been scientifically proven to put you at a higher risk for damaging your kidneys and you need to know this.

It is much more common to see for example obese patients with kidney problems than slim people have to try to understand that, weight is very important.

If you are not slim, it's time to change that.  You need to go on a diet, you need to stay slim, eat less sugar, eat fewer carbs, exercise, try to exercise, eat healthy, sleep well, all of these are very important.

Thanks for reading this health fitness article.  If you have found it informative then, kindly share it with your friends and family.


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