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Proteinuria Foamy Urine Causes of Bubbles in Urine, Fizzy Pee, Myeloma

Proteinuria Foamy Urine Causes of Bubbles in Urine, Fizzy Pee, Myeloma

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We have all seen foam in urine at some point or another foamy urine might seem normal and most people feel surprised when they find out that it's actually not.

In case you didn't know this, foamy urine could mean there's a problem affecting kidney function including for example a kidney infection, kidney failure, high blood pressure, or kidney stones.

So in this health fitness article, we shall be going to reveal some of the things foamy urine is telling you about your health and how to reverse it before your kidneys get entirely damaged.

Foam in urine might not be a surprise when you see it, to some it might not be to others it is no joke.  The problem is that foam in urine is not something you should play with actually.

As a matter of fact, it could be a symptom of damaged kidneys that are begging for you to help them, you should actually see a doctor.

If you see persistent foamy urine that becomes noticeable over time, this could be a sign of protein leaks in urine known in medicine as proteinuria which requires further evaluation.

Increased amounts of protein in urine could mean that you have a serious kidney problem that needs to be fixed right away.

So in this health fitness article, we shall be discussing some of the core things foamy urine is telling you about your health and how to reverse it before your kidneys get entirely damaged.

Your Kidneys Are Excreting Protein

Renal failure is one of the most important causes of proteinuria that's what it's called and one of the main symptoms of this disease is foamy urine.

Now, most people think that having foam in urine is something normal and it's not, not at all.  Foam usually appears when protein is being filtered out from your blood into the toilet.  The splash of water and protein makes it foamy and then you see it that way.

Now curiously enough, protein can get excreted when your kidneys for some reason are unable to retain them and retain protein inside your body and this is very bad because your blood needs protein to transport nutrients and keep that blood pressure stable.

Protein in the blood is in charge of making sure that water doesn't escape your circulation.  If you don't have enough protein all hell breaks loose.

Now an advice to you is to get it fixed as early as can be, you are in need of something natural and effective that you can use to improve kidney function, especially with a kidney disease look for something curative, maybe in supplement form to help you fix this condition.

Can UTI Cause Foamy Urine

UTI or urinary tract infections are quite common, especially among women.  Sometimes they can appear frequently when the immune system is not working properly or when cleaning the bathroom or cleaning or making sure that there's a proper cleanse after going to the bathroom is a problem.

Now we've seen recurrent kidney infections that can destroy kidney function and this is where problems start.

Now just so, in addition to foamy urine other symptoms may arise like for example pain or burning sensations when urinating or frequent urination, or blood in urine even now just a heads up when there is a urinary tract infection also urine might smell bad.

Now you need to make sure that you make a urine culture test with a doctor uranium tract infections need to be recognized and need to be treated.

High Blood Sugar Or A High Blood Pressure

Now protein and urine is here once at play again both conditions diabetes and high blood pressure have a lot to do with kidney health.

Two of the most dangerous health conditions for kidney health is diabetes and high blood pressure, both of them high blood pressure is known for affecting blood flow to the kidneys and the same thing happens with high blood sugar levels.

Increased levels of both of these lead to damage and protein in urine and obviously, you have to be careful.

Now, this is not the worst part because sugar and blood pressure can also cause other conditions.  The worst thing is both of these are health conditions that are called silent killers, meaning you might not know you have them but they're there.

We really recommend that if you see foamy urine you watch out for other symptoms like headaches, too much thirst, maybe or hunger all the time.

If you have one of these you might have diabetes, if you have headaches you might have high blood pressure.  Now if they're silent, obviously you might or might not have these symptoms, in any case, you need to get yourself checked.

Protein in Urine Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune conditions also put stress and strain on our kidneys potentially causing enough damage to disrupt the filtering process.

Now, this is very important, so you need to pay close attention it's also one of those conditions where you never know that you have it until it's too late.

Autoimmune conditions are similar to chronic viral infections which can also damage your kidneys.  Autoimmune conditions can lead to protein in the urine, what happens is that the patient's own immune system, our defense system mistakenly attacks the patient's own kidney filters.

Lupus for example is one of those conditions one looks at one example where the immune function can get compromised.

Now you might want to watch out for symptoms including for example fatigue, joint pain, recurrent fever all symptoms of autoimmune conditions that need to be treated before it's too late.

Multiple Myeloma Proteinuria

Well! Yes, you know cancer can also be a serious problem.  Multiple myeloma which is more specifically a type of cancer that forms inside plasma cells in your blood can also lead to extra protein in urine and obviously also cause it to look foamy the way you see it in your toilet.

This type of cancer is dangerous as antibodies that are produced as a result of cancer can highly be toxic to the kidney filters and lead to protein urine.

Now quite honestly it is rare.  The American Cancer Society notes that multiple myeloma is relatively uncommon in cancer and in patients and most prevalent in people from 65 and up more prevalent in African Americans but you need to watch out for this condition, foamy urine it could be cancer. 

Thanks for reading this health fitness article, if you have found it informative, then kindly share it with your friends and family.


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